DIY Repurposed Dress Up Nook

DSC_6983 edited

One of the many upsides to moving often is the inventory of furniture you can accumulate. Before each move we go through each room and decide what gets donated, goes up for sale, and comes with us. Although quite a bit gets sold or donated we tend to keep those versatile pieces, like bookcases. When I […]

SAHM Style Board #6: LuLaRoe Randy & Lindsay

Style Board #6

  LuLaRoe Lindsay | LuLaRoe Randy | Sneakers | Scarf | Watch | Jeans It’s been awhile since I had a few minutes to put one of these together but I’ve had this one in my back pocket for awhile. It’s one of my favorite combinations and perfect for this season when Mother Nature can’t […]

Parker’s 46 Months Old (3 Years 10 Months)

46 Months Collage

Parker continues to amaze me with his language development. He can carry on complete sentences with us and it’s fun to watch him run around with the kids on the playground trying to talk with them as well. Sometimes he says the funniest things out of nowhere. He really stepped up this last month with […]

Caity’s 19th Month Update

19 Month

Little Miss is learning the power of words and isn’t afraid to use what she knows! Her voice is so feminine and dainty it’s adorable. She has also developed a very unique and powerful scream that comes out anytime she wants us to know she is unhappy. We finally gave her bangs. I hated when […]

DIY IKEA Play Kitchen

IKEA Kitchen

The kiddos kitchen has taken on such a personality of it’s own and has certainly been an ongoing project. I finally came to the realization that it will never be complete and I should just go ahead and share what we have done so far. Even now there are 2-3 things on my to-do list to […]

Anniversary Weekend

4 Years Collage watermarked

I can’t believe it has been five years already! I can’t even remember what life was like without Rob in it, and even if I could I certainly don’t want to. Although this is our 5th anniversary, it’s only our 3rd together. The first and third years he was deployed and I was pregnant. Still […]

DIY Car Garage


Happy Tuesday everyone! We are in Jersey visiting family and helping my mom recover from surgery for a little while. It’s the perfect time to catch up on some blogging when I am not distracted by decorating! I managed to get photos taken of the kiddos playroom all finished and I am so excited to […]

Parker’s 45 Month Update (3Y 9M)

45 Months Collage

This age is so bitter sweet… One minute I could be crying in the bathroom out of frustration the next laughing like crazy at something he says. I thought it was time a again for a 5 things that make me happy and 5 things that make me sad. What Makes Me Sad When you […]

Caity’s 18th Month Update

18 Month Collage

  It’s hard to believe Caity is already a year and a half but then I see her run past me like a flash of lighting, followed by a lot of thunder, and realize how possible it is! We call her our little “progress sniper” because she has a habit of wrecking anything in her […]