A Day In The Life With Two

After Nap

Although the days sometimes blend together I spent the last week trying to piece together what an average day looks like for us. Parker and Caity usually wake up between 7am – 8am. Days Parker goes to daycare (2 days a week) we sometimes have to wake him up so he and Rob can get […]

My VBAC Birth Plan

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When I was pregnant with Caity I ended going into labor and delivery a few times for various issues. Each time they completed an intake form and asked the question, “What was my delivery method with Parker?” followed by, “Why was a c-section needed?” By the end, I had my answer down pat, “because I […]

Valentine Sweet Notes by Lovable Labels


I guess it’s cliche when I say I love Valentine’s Day but I don’t care! I know people should express their love for one another daily but lets face it, life gets in the way sometimes. I always like to do fun little things for the people on Valentine’s Day to remind them how much […]

Nuby 3 Stage Teether Set Review


I am having a hard time facing the fact that my little baby is growing up. Although I can try to deny it until the cows some home it’s impossible to ignore the obvious signs of teething. The drool, irritability, need to chew on everything, and the occasional fever. Yep, my little girl is teething. Crap! […]

Our 2015 Goals

Our 2015 Resolutions

I am taking my goals seriously this year. Not to say I haven’t in previous years but I look back and realize most of those goals were too specific, not specific enough, or were not practical with two little ones around. Instead of just making lists this year also want to elaborate on some of […]

Our 2014 Year In Review


I always like to end the year looking back on what we have accomplished. It’s easy to say good bye to a year and forgot how far you have grown over the last 365 days. So here is a little recap of our 2014. In January we took Parker to meet Mickey Mouse. I teamed […]

In The Kitchen: Pie In A Jar


Rob maybe a wiz at whipping together a savory dinner but I definitely take the cake for yummy desserts. One of my favorites are apple pies in a jar. It’s a fun and easy way to serve your favorite apple pie and there are so many fun ways to customize. You can also give them as […]

Parker At 30 Months


In case you are trying to do the math in your head, 30 months is 2.5 years! For his third year of monthly updates I decided to change up the format each month. This month I though an overall recap would be a nice  way to summarize all of his current achievements and milestones. You […]