Life With Two: 3 Years 1 Month & 10 Months

Parker & Caity 10 Months - Watermarked

I know I will probably jinx myself but even through the threenage tantrums, Wonder Weeks, and bed-sharing nights things are getting easier. I have my good and bad days but when it comes to multitasking them, I am getting pretty good. I’ve had to get creative with dual bath times solo and trying to spend […]

Parker (3 years 1 month)

Untitled-1 watermark

I can’t bring myself to stop these monthly updates. He seems to be growing and experiencing new things each day and I just love looking back over the last 3 years. As Caity is loosing her baby features I find myself looking back at Parker in disbelief of how fast he has grown. There are […]

Caity’s 10 Month Update


We ended up extending our stay in NJ so I wasn’t able to do our normal photo shoot with Caity for her 10 month update. We will do a belated one when we return after an unplanned trip up North to Canada for some house hunting. This Time Around Caity is crawling around and starting […]

Our 4th of July Weekend


Happy 4th everyone! We had been going back and fourth all week about our plans. Rob was watching the weather pretty closely and Mother Nature just couldn’t make up her mind on what she wanted to do. Rob took of Thursday for a doctors appointment and had Friday off so we had a nice long […]