Our American Dream Redefined

Our Apartment

For the last few months Rob and I have been joking about how much we hate the maintenance of a large home. It seems like all we do is try to keep up with the items on our to-do list, clean, make home improvement updates, and tend to chores. I can’t tell you how many […]

What’s In A Name

Mary Cathy Mary Caity - Watermark

Iv’e been working on this project for awhile and since it will be the gift my Grandmother opens on Sunday I thought it would be fun to share this week. I am giving both my Mother and Grandmother a copy of this photo framed. It’s not often you know as a teenager what you would name […]

A Classic Pooh Baby Sprinkle


I was so delighted when I found out my good friend, D, was expecting baby #2. Recently it has become more popular for 2+ moms to have a “sprinkle” thrown in honor of their new arrival and I was so excited to throw one for her. She loves Classic Pooh so I decided on that as the theme […]

Parker’s 2 Year & 10 Month Update

Month 34 with watermark

    It’s hard to believe this little boy is almost THREE! He has been watching a lot of movies lately and is starting to repeat phrases and sing songs from his favorites. He also has picked up a few phrases that make Rob and I giggle every time. He loves riding in Daddy’s car and counting […]

Let’s Get Out Of Here

Photo Apr 18, 13 16 57

Friday was pretty busy. I decided to sneak in another work out at the gym before heading to our favorite consignment sale. It wasn’t till I got there that I realized Rob had taken the stroller out in order to haul all the stuff we were selling. Luckily, I had my carrier so I was […]

Caiyt’s 7 Month Update

Month 7 with watermark

Sorry baby girl, life is so hectic right now I can’t write a full update for you. There are exciting changes coming and Mommy is doing her best to keep up with everything and still make time to take care of you and your brother. I promise though, these changes will give Mommy more time […]