Parker’s Third Birthday

Parker 3rd Birthday Watermarl 8x10

It’s hard to believe yet another year has passed and my sweet little boy is one year older. I can’t believe how much he has changed and grown over the last year. He has done beautifully transitioning to a new room, a two new toddler beds, saying bye-bye to his paci, becoming a big brother, […]

Our Month Summarized

Life Lately

I can’t believe how much has changed in the last few weeks. Our timeline for moving jumped on the fast track and here I am in our new home on the couch typing this during nap time. Purging certainly took a toll on us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Image purging 2/3 of your belongings in […]

Life With Two: 35 Months & 8 Months


Multitasking Momma Although I have my moments and my days, managing two has continued to get easier. Caity is now eating some solids at every meal and about 1 container of puree a day so meal times can be a little busy. I have started to find my rhythm though and on good days we […]

Funny Sayings in Parker’s 38th Month


Parker is 1 month shy of 3 years old this week. I can’t believe how grown up he is getting but how small he still seems to me. He talks from the moment his eyes open to the second his head hits the pillow. He catches on to everything and I can’t believe how much […]

Caity’s Eight Month Update


  This Time Around Maybe I just don’t remember for Parker’s first year but I have found myself really questioning all of my decisions with Caity. Maybe it’s just we are trying so many new things that it’s like I am a first time mom all over again. Luckily I keep referring back to Parker’s […]

Our American Dream Redefined

Our Apartment

For the last few months Rob and I have been joking about how much we hate the maintenance of a large home. It seems like all we do is try to keep up with the items on our to-do list, clean, make home improvement updates, and tend to chores. I can’t tell you how many […]