Favorite Consignment Finds


Boy has it been a crazy month so far. Iv’e been trying to stay away from the computer a little so I could focus on getting our house a little more organized. I can’t wait to share some of the hacks we have implemented that have been working beautifully so far. In the meantime, I just had […]

Life With Two: 32 Months & 5 Months

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Multitasking Momma Things are up an down depending on the day right now since Caity still isn’t on a set schedule. Parker has been sleeping in until 7:45-8 and she still likes to sleep late so we tend to sleep, or cuddle and watch Disney until 8:30. Then I change diapers, throw some clothes on […]

Parker At Thirty-Two Months


I promise at some point I will stop updating by months, maybe once he is three I just can’t believe how many new things still happen each month for him. Lately we have noticed he imitates his favorite movies. Sometimes we hear him say something and wonder where it came from until we hear the […]

Five Minute Fridays: Open

Five Minute Fridays

I am excited to take a moment and join in this weeks Five Minute Fridays reflecting on the word open. I like to think of my self as an open book but recently realized that I spend too much time focusing on all of the wonderful things that happen to us as a family. At […]

Caity At Five Months


This Time Around On a positive note I think the colic is finally subsiding. Unfortunately, in trying to survive through we have picked up some bad habits that I have no idea how to break. All she wants to do is be held and nurse at night. Even during the day she will only sleep […]

Organizing 101: Silhouette Scraps

Silhouette Scraps - Featured Image

I just love when I am facing an organizational challenge and have an “ah-ha” moment. Even better is when that solution is free! As a packrat at heart I always hated throwing away the letters, shapes, and numbers that were left over from my Silhouette projects. Recently I was creating conversation hearts for some Valentine decorations […]

Lancaster Caribbean Water Park & Wingate Hotel

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Rob and I decided to take the kids away for a little vacation during our long Valentines Weekend. After looking around at a few places we decided to stay at the Wingate by Wyndham in Lancaster, PA and visit the Lancaster Caribbean Water Park. It was only about a 3 hour drive and the water park […]