Edible Acorns


We are currently on vacation in Outer Banks, NC this week so my Mom and I thought it would be a great time to work on a few Pinterest projects we had seen for the Fall. Today we chose a recipe to make edible acorns over at Two Twenty One. We made a few adjustments to how we made ours and they turned out adorable and oh so yummy!


This recipe only calls for three ingredients (mini chocolate chips, Hershey Kisses, and round mini Nutter Butter cookies) and takes about 10 minutes to whip up a batch.


The trickiest part is separating the cookies making sure there is still some peanut butter on each one. You have my permission to snack on any that don’t 😉


After unwrapping the Hershey Kisses, and eating a few, press them against the inside of the Nutter Butter cookie. The peanut butter serves as a glue to keep them together.


Once you have assembled all of the Hershey Kisses and Nutter Butter cookies take a plate and sit it under a stream of hot water upside down.


Grabbing about 5 chocolate chips at a time place them right side up on the hot plate for a few seconds, just long enough to start melting.


Place the chocolate chip on the top and press down gently. The melted bottom helps adhere to the top of the Nutter Butter cookie.

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5 thoughts on “Edible Acorns

  1. Thanks! Actually they weren’t bad at all. The trick was to leave the chocolate chips on the plate just long enough to melt the bottom. They are sitting on the kitchen table and people are munching them while watching the Ravens game!

  2. Thanks Random Blogette! I love to figure out how people do things and make step-by-step instructions for my readers. Check back soon, I will have more projects for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

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