Rob and I are going back to school!

Well, we’re taking a few classes :o) We both thought it would be important to take a few classes in preparation for Peanuts arrival. INOVA offers a ton of different classes and support groups which is nice since we will be having the baby at INOVA Fairfax. It didn’t take long for us to decide on our top three classes and I registered for them yesterday. We actually got one of the last spots for the 4 week class, phew!

Childbirth Preparation
A four-week course that provides you and a support person with information on pregnancy, labor and birth, the early post-partum period , medication and anesthesia , and the basics of Cesarean birth. Relaxation techniques are demonstrated and practiced in class with the guidance of your instructor.

Baby Care
Baby Care is a must-have class for expectant parents or parents adopting a newborn. A skilled instructor introduces baby care basics and walks parents through hands-on practice. Topics include: what to expect from your new infant, holding and swaddling, feeding, bathing and diapering, sleeping and safety.

This class will prepare you for a successful and rewarding breastfeeding experience. You will learn how prepare for breastfeeding, how to hold your baby, how often and how long to feed, how to avoid common problems and much more.

I know it is impossible to prepare for everything but I want to be able to get as much information ahead of time as possible. We would probably take more but won’t have enough time! :o)

A good friend of mine also got me Baby Bargains 9th Edition. I am only on page 25 and have several pages of notes for when Rob and I start shopping for the nursery. I highly reccomend this book to any expecting parents, FT or 2+.

They offer so many tips and have ZERO advertisements. Companies do not pay them so when they have something positive to say about a product, it is because the product speaks for itself.

The have a website where you can get a lot of up to date information including current recalls.

They listed the top 19 best baby stores in America and Great Beginnings (located in the DC/MD are) was on there. I think Rob and I will need to go check that place out before we decide on anything for the nursery.

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