Two Thousand Twelve

This post is coming a little late but I guess it’s better than never! I have some very ambitious goals for 2012 that involved organizing our house to help organize our lives a little more. We plan to start these projects in April and get everything done by June 15th. Enough time to relax and begin to enjoy before Peanut comes!

Goal Number One
Donate 2,012 items. While this is a huge number, sadly, it will be possible. Ever since I got pregnant, I have been in a nesting phase which will include a severe “Spring Cleaning” of our house. Boxes have already shown up on each floor and contain quite a few items. My guess is, it will include everything from clothing to shoes to art supplies to kitchen items to books and more.

Goal Number Two
Moving Day!!! We are moving things around a little bit. My art room is moving downstairs to our finished basement which will now be a family room/art room/office/playroom. The babies room will now be in the large extra bedroom room and we will make a guest room out of the small extra bedroom. We will be painting those three areas.

Goal Number Three
Where the magic happens. Well, that has nothing to do with this really. We are going to upgrade to a king size bed to help organize all the bodies that are currently residing there and the one(s) that will be in the future. We will replace the nightstands with a headboard shelf to open up the space on either side. To better accomodate these changes, I am going to get rid of my vanity and move the dressor into my closet. We will add a small flat screen tv and shelves on either side for pictures and knick-knacks. This will mean that I will have to get creative with the beauty products and the current space in our bathroom :o)

Goal Number Four
Transform closet to mudroom/area. This came to me randomly today but I want to turn our front closet into an alcove/mudroom. This will really allow us to use the space wisely and open up the hallway a little. We will be adding a large cabinet to the right of our fireplace to house a few kitchen items/gagets currently living in the front closet.

Goal Number Five
Pinterest inspired. I will be using many pinterest inspirations to help organize things around the house as well. I am creating a little station near our kitchen for meal plans, grocery lists, freezer inventory etc… Were building shelves throughout the house for better organization and storage.

Goal Number Six
Two cooks in the kitchen. This is an ambitious goal to say the least but I want to go through ALL of our cookbooks and weed out only the ones we were ever use. Then I was planning on creating a binder and organizing all of them. I already have a little recipe box which will contain our favorite and most used recipies. This will clean out 2 whole shelves on our bookcase.

Of coarse there are going to be more projects along the way but these are the ones we are going to start with!

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