Why not look hot while giving birth?!

Found this link on one of my Mommy blogs the other day. Haven’t thought much about packing for the delivery since it is so far away but this maybe a good idea.


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2 thoughts on “Why not look hot while giving birth?!

  1. I had to change gowns three times throughout the birth process. I would have been sad to ruin something so pretty! Save your pennies for a pretty/comfy robe for afterwards – that was worth its weight in gold! 😀

  2. Save your money. I also changed multiple times during the process. Also keep in mind that you are not going to want to take it home covered in blood and other goo (the hospital is not going to wash it for you). In fact, I recommend wearing as much as the hospitals stuff as possible. The less dirty laundry you need to bring home, the better!

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