Nursery Bedding

Rob asked me the cutest thing the other day as we were talking back and forth about bedding. He saw the prices and asked, in all honesty, “what is special about them”. I kind of chuckled and said, “nothing really”. As a matter of fact, you can’t even use all the pieces right away or for that long. It’s something about picking and buying the bedding that makes pregnancy real, as if my growing belly and inability to shave my legs wasn’t a realization enough.

After searching tons of websites and stores we found the perfect set! What made it even more perfect was the DIY mobile Rob found on Pinterest! Michaels had a fantastic deal on canvas last weekend. 40% off and then 20% your total purchase. I bought tons of different shapes and sizes and will recreate the geometric patterns and colors from the bedding. I cannot wait to get started on the nursery :o)

Our runners up were:  

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