23 Weeks ~ With Special Guest, Sissy!

You will notice this week there is no bulletin board. Sarah got revenge and broke it after I put acid in her eye. See below for the full story 😉 
How far along? In this picture 23 weeks and 6 days (today I am 24 weeks and 2 days) 

Sleep: Better… I have decided to stop fighting the clock and get into bed when I want. Sunday night was an all time record of 7:30 pm. Although, to my defense, Sissy and I had a very busy weekend. I also just laid there for an hour or so watching Peanut move around. That is until Alice came over and laid across my bare belly to get a feel herself. Her ear twitched every time Peanut kicked! 

Best moment this week: Sissy coming to town (I really needed Sissy time), eating a ton of so bad but so good food, consignment sale and the mall on Saturday and pedicures on Sunday. 

Miss Anything? Diet Coke!!!   

Movement: Still inconsistent but more each day. Sunday night was amazing, Peanut was physically moving and I could see it. Not just kicking or belly pokes but actual movement.   

Food cravings: Lemonade & Sprite mixes and french fries. If I had eaten 1 more french fry last week I swear the birds may have tried to pick me up!   

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing too bad this week.    

Symptoms: RLP and sore muscles.

Looking forward to:  V-Day, I am technically there (24 weeks & 2 days) as we type this but will feel better at the end of 24 weeks.  

Sissy Weekend

People often comment on how amazing it is that I have such a close relationship with my Sister. Most of the credit needs to go to our parents who always reinforced the importance of sisters. I think it also has to do with the fact that we are only 2.5 years apart and spent almost every weekend between middle school and college together participating in Colorguard/Drum Corp/Marching Band. We don’t get together as much as either one of us would like but for some reason, when we do, it’s always at the best possible time. It was clear we BOTH needed Sissy time! 

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to a consignment sale in Falls Church hosted by the Mommy’s with Multiples group in the area. I am often not impressed with how volunteer functions are run but “wow” they were SO organized. From the amount of volunteers walking around, announcements over the speaker, tagging on the clothing and maintenance of the long check-out line, they knew what they were doing! Items were organized between two gyms, clothing and big ticket items. The clothing was organized by gender and items such as bibs, socks and hats were in clear plastic baggies in bins. EVERY item had a 4×6 tag with a bar code that included the size, sometimes brand, seller, whether it should be donated if not sold and if it was to go on sale (1/2 price after noon). They had gotten IKEA bags for those who did not bring their own (thanks Jen for giving me that heads up). The only “room for improvement” comment I mentioned in the survey at the end was a need for signage in the back of the school. Having never been there before, I had no idea where to go. I ended up just following the other pregnant women I saw :o)

This was the loot we found for a whopping total of $60.00.

The kitty was not included! 
After the consignment sale we headed to Tyson’s for some grownup shopping. I found some cute maternity pieces at H&M, a few small belts from Forever 21 and hat at Charlotte Russe. I also found a super cute gift for Rob for Fathers Day!! :o) Of course every visit to Tyson’s must include a stop at Cinnabon ;). We had to stop once or twice for a little break but I was very impressed with myself. That night we ordered the Dominoes $10 box and watched In Time, which was very good by the way.

The next morning we lounged around especially with Daylight Savings. The baby started to move so she quickly went to put her contacts in. Right away she started screaming! I thought maybe there was a hair in her eye but she said it was burning. She then continued to mention that she used my solution in her case. I started to panic!!! Why, you may ask…? Because I do not use regular solution. I use hydrogen peroxide and a special case to clean them. So yes, my lawyer sister mistakenly put hydrogen peroxide into her eye. I called an eye doctor I know who said to rinse her eye and contacts with regular solution and give them a little break. Luckily, Rob uses regular solution and I had some in the cabinet. 

Moral of the story, when you see a bottle like this, DON’T PUT IT IN A REGULAR CASE OR YOUR EYE!!! 

After that excitement, we headed to our pedicure appointments around noon. That was the icing on cake for our weekend. Our pedicurists were amazing and super sweet. After, we enjoyed lunch at Chipolte. We went home and got primped for my Week 23 picture. It was a lot of fun to take them with her! In the middle, while I was checking our shots, she leaned against the wall and the bulletin board came tumbling down and broke into pieces. We got a good laugh out of it :o) I had to improvise and decided to tape everything to the wall since that room is getting repainted anyway. 

All-in-all, it was a great weekend with my Sissy and one that I desperately needed!!!!!