25 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks and 2 days (a little late)

Sleep: This week has had it’s really good days and bad days. I slept through the night a few nights but I think that lead to some problems later on in the week. 
Best Worst moment this week: Sunday night I woke up with really bad cramping and back pain. It was bad enough I couldn’t fall back to sleep but I went to work hoping it would get better. After only getting worse throughout the day, I called my OB who told me to go to our hospital triage to get checked out. Luckily, a co-worker was kind enough to drive me since I actually didn’t even know where the hospital was yet. Our tour is in two weeks, so I guess now I will be a pro! I have to admit it was a little scary since they brought out all the bells and whistles. I also may have broken down crying when they said I have to get checked in and get a bracelet. I was there for about 3 hours and they confirmed it was not contractions or that I would go into labor in the next 2 weeks. Just a few minor things medication and water could take care of and a few tips on how to control my little “kick boxer”. Peanut seemed to love the attention and that Momma was laying still for a few hours. Several times the nurses would come in after Peanut literally kicked/punched the heart rate monitor off my tummy. Although a little painful, I will never get tired of seeing my belly morph. 
Miss Anything? Bologna and cheese on potato bread with mayo!    

Movement: We have a kick boxer on our hands here. While in the hospital triage, Peanut kept kicking the heart rate monitor off my tummy. The nurses kept coming in to watch. It really calmed me down to lay there and watch while hearing Peanut’s heartbeat.   
Food cravings: French fries!!!   
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing too bad this week.    

Symptoms: Heartburn/acid reflux, RLP and even more growing pains. My LO is getting big!!! 
Looking forward to:  Making it to the third tirmester soon!!!

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