Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Must Have #1

This tip is sponsored by Jennifer Lopez in the movie, The Back-up Plan. 

Early on in my pregnancy (like week 6) I started having trouble getting comfortable in bed. On my left side, I would want to wrap my arms and legs around Rob and on my right side I would press up against him to support my back. He was a good sport for awhile but one day I got home from work and he had bought me a pink Snoogle. I opened it up put it on the bed and was in heaven 30 seconds later. The inventor of this amazing contraption knew exactly how to shape the pillow to support my head, neck, back, belly and legs all at the same time. While sleeping isn’t always perfect and I still wake up 1-3 times to pee, it is 100% better then without this.

While not everyone enjoys the Snoogle specifically, I strongly recommend researching other types of body pillows or experimenting with what you have at home. Your body will thank you for it!

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