Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Must Have #2

Today’s tip is sponsored by Starbucks!

There are so many things that you will read and hear that conflict with one another. From what foods you should & shouldn’t eat, to the amout of exercise you should be doing and the list never seems to end. One of the few things that I have heard and read that has been consistent is the importance of drinking water. I have always been good at drinking water but now that Diet Coke is out of the question, my intake has doubled at least. I know it’s hard for some but I have found it even easier to stay on my water intake with one of these lovely cups always in hand or in my purse. It is small enough to carry around, fits in my car cup holder, and is quite stylish! I try to drink about 20 refills a day and can tell a difference how I feel when I do. Sometimes I add lemons or limes for a little flavor :o)

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