Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Must Have #4


I dove into this pregnancy like I did our wedding with tons of books, websites, blogs, magazines and asking around.  What I realized is that you are usually familiar with a lot of must have and must do items to get ready for a wedding, but preparing for a baby is completely different.  So, I thought it would be a good time to share what the three most helpful books have been since the start of my pregnancy. There are a ton more that I will share after Peanut is born so I can really comment on what was more helpful. The top three books I reccommend when you or someone you know is pregnant are…

Number One
Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy
Vicki Iovine

The Author has found a humourous way to provide the basic information every Mother-To-Be needs. After reading so many books that are often quite scary, this was such a joy to pick up. I would often read this book on the bus and get funny looks when I would burst out laughing. The Author and fellow Girlfriends mentioned in the book are blunt, honest and open about everything from begining to end with pregnancy.

Number Two
The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth
Rallie McAllister and Jennifer Reich

This has been a fantastic book to read thought my last 7 months. It is broken up by chapter which coinsides with each week of your pregnancy. Each chapter/week is broken down into Your Baby’s Size, Your Baby’s Latest Developments, Your Latest Developlents, Justification For a Celebration and then stories from Mothers who are also medical professionals. It was been nice to just focus on one week at a time, soaking in the most important information without being overwhelemd. 

Number Three
Pregnancy & Birth: The Essential Checklists
Karen Sullivan

As someone who LOVES lists, this book has been a great resource and starting point for many of my personal lists. It breaks down things to do, think about and follow from getting your BFP to well after birth. My favorite lists so far have been; what to ask at your hospital visit, birth plan, hospital bags, birth partners checklist and nesting instinct. You will be seeing some of these lists in the near future as we get closer to Peanut’s due date! 


The more I think about the tips I think are most important to share, the more I realize how many I actually have. Everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, I come across something and say to myself, “I need to remember to post this”! I got to the point where I started a list that I am constantly adding to and pull from it every week. Since I am officially in my 3rd trimester, I realized I am running out of time for pre-baby must haves so I maybe doubling up over the next few weeks to get them all in :o)

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