Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip #6

Today’s tip is brought to you by Edy’s Fruit Bars

Let’s face it most pregnant women crave something at some point in their pregnancy. It maybe constantly and consist of beer and pickles or whatever sounds or smells good in that moment. I haven’t found something that I have craved constantly but my desire for a balanced sweet and salty menu has been fairly consistent. While I will NEVER pass up a nice bowl of icecream or cookies and milk, I have tried to find something that satifies my sweet tooth with something healthy.

The Edy’s Fruit Bars have hands down been one of the best food purchases I have made over the last 7.5 months. They are cold, sweet, contain actual fruit and are sooooo delicious! Even better, when you pair them with some lightly salted pretzels and maybe a small glass of Caffine Free Pepsi. True preggo delight!