120 days…

I can hardly hold in my excitement right now!!! I will make this brief, you will know why in a moment, but just had to write down everything that I am feeling at the moment.

I have been counting down to Rob’s return for the last 114 days…He left December 10th for a 120 day deployment. I have to admit that it has been very hard for him to be gone during this pregnancy but I have stayed strong, made it work and has his support, although from afar, the entire time.

Well, I can officially tell everyone that he is home safe and sound!!!!

Wait a minute, didn’t I say 120 day deployment? Isn’t it only April 4th? You maybe asking yourself, “is she really that bad at math?”. The answer is no, I am not THAT bad 😉 Turns out, although I already knew it, I have THE MOST AMAZING HUSBAND in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

I got a call from my Sissy on Monday night wishing me a happy anniversary and informing me that although it was a celebration of Rob and I, her and my parents had a gift for me. She said that Wednesday after work there would be a car waiting for me to take me to the massage place I had been getting prenatal massages from. I was SO excited. First, I didn’t have to worry about commuting home and second, I would be relaxed from my drive home to NJ that weekend to see Newsies in the city and spend Easter with the family.

I was a little nervous because I had never “taken a car before” but she called me when I was done with work today and told me he was waiting out front and I probably wouldn’t miss it. So, I gathered my things and walked outside. I got outside and she was right, there was a black car that was kinda hard to miss in the middle of campus. I started walking towards it and heard someone behind me say, “how about I give you a massage tonight instead”. I didn’t even need to turn around to know who it was and began to cry immediately. I was so overwhelmed that I ended up walking to the wall next to me and continued to cry. I finally had enough strength to give him a hug. I was in total shock!

I finally got my bearings and started asking him a ton of questions like how was this possible, how long had he been planning it and then started asking about the weekend since I was going home and had tickets to a show. Turns out, he found out he could come home early in February and when he found out about our weekend plans told my parents and Sissy so they could all coordinate. We finally got into the car and went home. We called Sarah on the way as she had been patiently waiting for this since February for this moment :o)

Flip Flop and Alice were hesitant for all of 5 minutes and then started acting like they always did with him. We got things a little situated since we had to leave the next day for NJ and spent the rest of this evening just talking and laughing. He kept looking at my belly and touching it as he was equally excited to see me and feel the baby.

I am so happy this day has come and he is back home safe and with me.

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