27 Weeks ~ Happy Easter & welcome 3rd trimester!

Happy Easter!!!

How far along? 27 weeks and 2 days. I was trying to take the picture at the end of each week but it has been getting too confusing to post so I kinda skipped week 26 (hey, it was only lettuce) and jumped right to 27!

Baby is the size of: Cauliflower

Sleep: Baby loves when momma is sleeping which means momma doesn’t sleep much these days.  

Best moment this week:  Just feeling the little one move when I put my hand on my tummy. Peanut also loves to listen to the Bellybuds! 

Miss Anything? Having more energy to get things done. It’s hard for this productive multitasker!    

Movement: Oh yeah!    

Food cravings: Someone cooked some kind of pork roll, ham or bacon in the office yesterday and it was ALL I could think about for the rest of the day and night. I could almost smell the salt!    

Anything making you queasy or sick: Damn gas smell in the metro :/

Symptoms: Heartburn/acid reflux and RLP.  

Looking forward to:  Making it to the third tirmester!!! I am also very excited about this afternoon. My parents and Sissy have a surprise for me that starts with a ride home so I don’t have to take the bus :o) 

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