28 Weeks ~ Special guest, Daddy!!!!

How far along? 28 weeks and 2 days!

Baby is the size of: Rutabago (which is a really weird looking thing!)

Sleep: The only complaint so far… My Snoogle has helped but the frequent need to switch positions and get up to pee makes it a little hard.   

Best moment this week:  Sooo many things this week!
1. Rob surprising me a week early!
2. Picking out the nursery color and buying the crib
3. Taking the tour of our hospital today.
4. Having Rob home!
Miss Anything? Not a thing at the moment.     
Movement: Oh yeah! Multiple times a day and most pronounced movements.  
Food cravings: Sweets this week.     
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing at the moment.
Symptoms: Heartburn/acid reflux and RLP.  
Looking forward to:  The next few weeks are going to be busy but amazing! Moving around some rooms in the house, getting the nursery painted, starting to set everything up and a few trips home!  

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