Hospital Tour

I can’t believe that we finally went on our hospital tour! It feels like ages ago that I booked it.

We got there early, parked and anxiously sat in the waiting area for the tour to begin. We decided to pay for the Baby & Me Amenities Program which guarantee’s a private room while we waited. It wasn’t expensive and gives us a guarantee that Rob will be allowed to stay the whole night (he can’t if I am sharing a room).

The tour started and it was really fun to walk around with all of these other cute preggo women and their partners. We started at the registration desk and she walked us through the different floors so we could see a delivery room and a recovery room. Everyone is so sweet and friendly! The rooms are as nice as they possibly could be and they have a lot of nice amenities. I can control the room temperature, there is a TV full bathroom, and sleep chairs in both the labor and recovery rooms.

If we arrive Mon-Fri from about 9am – 5pm, we can utilize the valet service which doesn’t cost more than normal parking. Rob will have access to the car so we can leave our hospital bag and the baby’s bag in the car until needed. I really like this so Rob can walk in with me!

I had a ton of questions, more than others, but it was nice to get a few things answered about the process, what to expect and what things to add to my packing list.

I know my growing bump should be realization enough that this is coming soon but the tour finally made it real for me (and I think Rob). Knowing that we will be back in only a few months to welcome our Peanut into the world is beyond words! 

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