Nursery Progress

I can’t believe I am actually making some! I was really lost on inspiration for our nursery for awhile because almost everything in the chain stores is matchy matchy, not something I am a big fan of.

A few weekends ago  I called Derbyshire’s to get a quote for a dresser and nightstand on their website. Derbyshire’s is one of the few unfinished furniture stores I could find and as luck would have it, they are located in Wayne, NJ (close to my parents house). As even more luck would have it, the dresser we liked was 20% off so I decided to order both pieces. My Mom and I will be able to pick them up on April 6th and she said she would stain them for me and bring them when they come visit the weekend of April 21st. I love that we can customize the pieces to the color we want AND they will last long after our Peanut goes to college (yikes!).

We now have a dresser and nightstand that will sit next to the glider!

I think we are also seriously looking at the Gulliver Spindle Crib from IKEA. I was there this past weekend and really love it! Rob and I will go back sometime in April for a final look and hopefully a purchase (fingers crossed)! The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress was also recommended for this crib and just happens to be on Amazon Prime :o)

I also found the cutest bookcase for all of the books we have been collecting (see picture below). I found it here and it’s called the Whitney Bros. 32″ H Two Shelf Book Carousel. 

We are using several pieces from around the house or things we bought awhile ago including the glider and this 4 cube bookcase for the changing table. The baskets will be great to hold the cloth diapers!

I have been buying little things here and there as I see them. Two of my favorite stores so far have been Target (the $1 section) and IKEA. As I have been going through the house and collecting unwanted items for our yard sale, I have been putting aside items that would be helpful in the baby’s room. This is the result of all my findings both in stores and at home!

There are a ton of DIY projects to help create the vision I have in mind for the nursery. I want to leave some element of surprise so I will just post the pictures and let you figure out what they are going to be turned into 😉

Well that’s all I have for right now! As you can see, Rob and I have a lot of work on our hands but I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like :o)

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