Starting the nursery!!!

I had originally scheduled today off since Rob was suppose to come home today and decided to keep it so we could do some baby related things. I have been anxiously waiting for Rob to come home to start all of this and am so excited it is finally here!

Our trip through IKEA lasted quite awhile but we managed to figure everything out for the basement and purchased the crib! We won’t put it together until the room is painted but I like knowing that it is in the house and “almost” ready to go. We decided to stick with the Gulliver Spindle Crib in birch.

We also stopped by Home Depot and chose the colors for the guest room and babies room! We finally decided we wanted to paint the walls a bright green color. I thought it would go well with some of the dark furniture we have picked out and the art work I am planning on hanging on the walls. This isn’t the best picture but it gives you an idea. I have a much better one come the 24th when the painters are done!

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