Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip 5

Today’s tip is provided by Pepermint!

Although I do not take them seriously, I have found it fun to read all the myth’s published about pregnancy. Some of the best are the ones that predict gender. For example, craving salt means you are having a boy and sweats indicate a girl.

Out of all of them, there is one that I am most anxious to see play out. Apparently, the more heartburn you have, the more hair will be on your little one when they are born. At the rate this little is going, they will need a hair cut in the first hour!!!

I am not one to take medicine often, especially while pregnant. While I know many types are just fine to use, I don’t see the point if I can push past the pain or discomfort and it go away on its own. With that being said, one can only try sleeping through heartburn for so long. On average, I probably need 5-10 tums a day. Mostly it is at night or during the day when I am hungry, yeah figure that one out! Hands down, one of the best pieces of advice I have receive, from my Mommy of course, is that pepermint helps with heartburn. Since then, a bag has been planted in my purse and is restocked

So ladies, if it’s burning, pop a pepermint to alleviate the burn and give yourself a little fresh breathe!

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