Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip #7

I feel the need to start this tip with a little disclaimer. While I am a MaryKay consultant, I am reccomending these items because they are amazing and speak for themselves, not just because I happen to sell them :o)
Two big things I noticed after getting pregnent were constant dry/chapped lips and never having the energy to wash my face at night. I will confess that while I hound my sister about washing her face at night, it has slipped from time to time 1-2 nights a week for me lately. These two products have been AMAZING to have on hand. 
The MK lip protector with sunscreen keeps my lips moist, healthy and gives me a little shine! I don’t tend to wear make-up much aside from this and a little mascara but it is amazing how far those two little items can go. 
The facial cloths are a quick way to clean the day and dirt off my face. I have heard other preggo’s talk about issues with their skin and I haven’t noticed anything so I will attribute that to this product. I will also be putting these in my hospital bag so that I can get freshened up w/o even leaving my bed. Rob can wet it and bring it right to me! 

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  1. judy gardner September 2, 2013 at 2:31 am

    my neighbor just started selling mary kay and i want to buy something from her. while i am not pregnant, i do have very dry lips so….looks like i know what my first purchase will be!

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