Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip # 8

I would like to dedicate this weeks tip to a group of very special ladies that I have gotten to know over the last few months who have been there to cheer me on, support me and comfort me! I have actually never met any of these ladies in person but I know some of them as well as, if not more, than colleagues and IRL (in real life) friends. 
This week’s tip is dedicated to a group of Mom’s who are also expecting in July. I thought that this point in my pregnancy would be a good time to introduce this tip because I have been needing them more now then ever! 
Before I continue, I wanted to make a few things a little more clear for those of you who do not know me well or at all. I have an AMAZING family and husband. My parents have been supportive my entire life and are there for anything I need emotionally and physically. The same can be said for my Sissy who is more like my best friends and has always been my partner in crime. Let’s also not forgot about my amazing husband who has stood by my side for over 3 years and I have no doubt will continue to do so for the next 70+. With that being said, none of the above mentioned individuals are currently pregnant and so I try to limit my “baby talk” around them. 
This is where these amazing ladies come in. If you have never been pregnant, you maybe wondering what we could possibly talk about all day long. Well let me tell you, just about EVERYTHING. Sometimes we discuss things that are not pregnancy related like recipes, TV shows, the weather, etc… For the most part though, we talk about babies 24/7. We share pictures, gender reveals, we ask each other questions, share interesting articles or look to each other for support. I have learned a lot throughout my pregnancy from these ladies through their posts and comments.  

So, for all of you Mommies-To-Be, I strongly encourage you to find some online forum or group where you can mingle and share your pregnancy journey with them. There are day’s you will need it for support and day’s where you want to just share about that amazing LO (little one) growing inside your belly!   

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