Trip to NJ for Easter

The last few days have been a whirlwind of emotions mixed with a lot of excitement!

Rob had to go into work for a few hours on Thursday so I went in for the afternoon and we left from there for NJ. We stopped in MD to surprise Yi and see his parents for a little while. Yi was so happy to see him home especially since he surprised her too!

Friday morning we woke up and traveled to Wayne with my Mom to pick up the dresser and nightstand I had ordered from Derbyshire for the nursery. I was so excited for Rob to be there as well! We spent the evening relaxing and visiting.

Saturday morning we all got up early and headed into the city to see Newsies! It was fun to walk around the city with my family. We got there early so we stopped by TRU and found a really cute peanut that said, “we went crazy in NYC”. I just had to have it for our little Peanut! We also had lunch at an awesome BBQ place that had a great atmosphere and amazing food!

The show was great and it was so cool to see one of my favorite movies in real life. The actors were fantastic and they still managed to pull off the table dance in the restaurant which is one of my favorite parts! It was fun to go to a show with Rob. This was our first one together and if he hadn’t come back early, I would have missed him being there!

Sunday we woke up to look for our Easter baskets! Chris came over the night before so it was a full house which made looking for them pretty easy. Mom even made one up for Peanut! We packed the car and drove to Wayne to celebrate Easter with the Ungemach family. It was fun to see everyone and spend some time with them! Rob and Dad ended up by the grill, enter shock face here, which Rob enjoyed as usual. We had to leave early but I managed to still get some chocolate covered strawberries and a cupcake for the road!

Peanut even got an Easter Basket!! 

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