32 Weeks!

Rob and I had fun playing with LightRoom this week :o)

How far along? 32 weeks and 2 days! 
Baby is the size of: Squash
Sleep:  :/   
Best moment this week:  Meeting our Doula in person and signing all the paperwork. We are both very excited for her to be a part of the birth and to help us with our goals and wishes. It is a huge weight off our shoulders to have her experience and knowledge. I will be doing a whole post dedicated to what a Doula is and who ours is specifically.  
Miss Anything? Wedding rings, my ankles and sleeping through the night. 
Movement: Still seems to be a lot of room in there for Peanut to move around freely 🙂 
Food cravings: Since I have had to cut back on salt (in addition to my @work hours being cut down to 20/week) because of some pretty bad swelling, it is all I have wanted! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still nothing, I am pretty darn lucky! 
Symptoms: Heartburn/acid reflux, RLP and swelling hands and feet. 
Looking forward to: Rob and I are going into MD Friday night to go to the drive-in and are spending the night in a hotel. Then we have Saturday and Sunday to get some more things done around the house. I am getting so excited because we are getting SO close! Just a few more minor things in the basement and around the house. The big thing left to do is make all the decorations for the nursery that will be done in June when I stop work. I have also been inspired by iheartorganizing and have created several organizing projects that I hope to get done in June as well. That will also be coming in a post soon! 


At 32 weeks, baby’s birth still seems kind of far away, but you and baby are physically ready in a lot of ways, just in case there’s an early arrival. Baby may have turned so she’s in the head-down position by now, poised for her trip down the birth canal. And you may have noticed your nipples looking darker. That’s so a preemie can see them for breastfeeding — isn’t your body so amazing? Intensity might be building in the symptoms department, as heartburn and contractions intensify around week 32. But we’re guessing you’re so excited about baby’s impending arrival, they’re not slowing you down much.

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  1. Amye May 10, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    still loving the updates – and what is this drive-in you speak about? we hope to see you soon and are getting excited to welcome peanut to the world!

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