Tipful Thursday’s ~ Pregnancy Tip # 10

I am particularly hungry today so it looks like this weeks post will be
dedicated to my food must haves.

While this is a picture of Pepsi and not Coke, I would still like to dedicate this to a good friend, LWTF! 

First. I must acknowledge my slight crazy obsession with Diet Coke. I do not need coffee in the morning to be my chipper self, but I do start enjoying my daily soda intake with breakfast. Since I am a camel (as my dear sweet hubbs calls me) I am still able to get in all of my water plus some each day while still enjoying 1-4 Diet Cokes. I wish I could say that I am referring to the 8oz cans but in reality, I am speaking of the jumbo Diet Cokes at GW Deli.

You may notice that there is a picture of Pepsi above. This is because the world (or Burke, VA) has something against preggo’s who try and follow the rules and refrain my drinking diet soda, like myself. Have you ever tried looking for caffeine free Pepsi or Coke. Perhaps I have been blind but it has been darn near impossible. Yes, most stores have the 2 liter bottles but I need something in a can or smaller bottle to carry around with me. I have yet to find Caffeine Free Coke (although my Mom & Dad did) and can only find the cans/smaller bottles of Caffeine Free Pepsi in a few select stores.

This lovely beverage has been a life saver for me. I am able to treat myself (since the real stuff has sugar in it) for parties, when I indulge in some pizza or other special events. I have also been seen carrying a bottle into a restaurant, movie theater or fast food place and just asking for a cup of ice with my meal!

I have always loved oyster crackers but they have been very nice to have during pregnancy. I often have salt cravings and these always satisify it! They have also been by my bedside and help on the nights when my heartburn/acid reflux is acting up.

I have already talked about these in another tip but they are so good, they deserve another post! These are a healthy way to curb my sweet tooth 🙂

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