Parker’s Birth Story


246 days ago, I read the single most important word I will ever read in my life. Your Daddy and I were so overwhelmed, all we could do was hug one another and cry.

Over the last 9 months we have anxiously awaited your arrival and tried to be as prepared as possible. We went to classes, read books and asked all of the parents we knew for any advice they had. We also worked on your nursery for hours. Mommy made a ton of DIY projects (Daddy even helped) and Daddy did all the manual labor around the room 😉 He can’t wait to teach you someday!
Mommy also tried to take a picture each week to show how her tummy grew with you inside. This project was a lot of fun!!
Around 4:30 this morning Mommy woke up to use the bathroom like she did several times a night. She got back into bed and made sure Daddy was awake because he had to get up and start getting ready for work. Before Daddy had a chance to get up, Mommy had a weird feeling and JUMPED out of bed, running to the bathroom. After about 10 minutes, Mommy and Daddy knew that Mommy’s water had broke and this was it!!! Your birthdate would be June 22, 2012.
Mommy called the Dr. and Daddy texted the doula and birth photographer to let them know it was happening. The Dr. told Mommy and Daddy to come on in which was music to our ears. Mommy took a shower and ate breakfast while Daddy packed up the last few items in our suitcase. Mommy put the cookies she had made the day before, into baggies for all the staff at the hospital.
The entire way there we couldn’t believe that today was finally here! It was only 6:30 am so we beat most of the traffic and arrived quickly. We were pre-registered so check-in was a breeze and made our way to our labor room. Mommy got settled which included getting hooked up to a few machines and an IV. It was a little difficult to get an IV in and took 5 tries, an anesthesiologist  and a local. Since Mommy wasn’t having contractions, they started her on Pitocen right away.
Dr. Emery came in to check Mommy and give a few updates. She told Mommy that she was GSB +, which wasn’t a big deal, but she had to start antibiotics. She also told Mommy and Daddy that it looked like Mommy was showing signs of pre-e and was surprised that no one had done a blood test at any of her check ups. This made Mommy and Daddy a little mad because they had been asking the Dr.’s at every visit if this was possible because of Mommy’s swelling. At that point Mommy knew you had come early because you knew you needed too!
Our doula and photographer arrived around 9ish and we all chatted for the next 2 hours. The Dr. kept coming in to check Mommy’s progress and although she was making some, she was “smiling too much” and the Dr. kept uping the Pitocen. Daddy decided to head to the cafeteria around 11 so he could eat come lunch before things got real. His timing was perfect because around 12 the “fun” started and Mommy’s labor really progressed. Because of the position you were inside her tummy, she had painful back labor. The Dr. told Daddy that Mommy was having a dysfunctional labor because her contractions were so sporadic. She would have multiple contractions in a row, then a break, then more and so on. Daddy and the Doula helped her manage the pain for about 4 hours.
Around 3:00, Mommy told Daddy that she couldn’t handle the pain anymore and started to consider an epidural. It was a hard decision because she really wanted to have an unmedicated labor. Mommy was already 8 cm but you still had not dropped very far so we were not sure how much longer labor would last.
The anesthesiologist came very quickly, probably because everyone could hear Mommy on the floor. He told Mommy and Daddy that he was going to do a spinal to help with the pain right now and also insert an epidural line since he thought Mommy would need a cesarean in the end. Somehow, Mommy managed to sit up during multiple contractions and hold still long enough for him to finish everything. He was extremely talented and did an amazing job. However, Daddy was a little scared for the next 20 minutes or so because both your heartbeat and Mommies really slowed down because of all the medicine. The nurses worked quickly to make make you and Mommy better.
Dr. Emery came back around 3:30, and although Mommy had gotten to 9 cm, you seemed to be having trouble dropping. She said your head was a little swollen because you were trying to fit through Mommies pelvis but it just wasn’t big enough. We asked to wait a half hour to see if there was any progress, now that Mommy was a little more relaxed.
She came back around 4:00 and told Mommy and Daddy that there was no change. At that time, Mommy and Daddy decided that it was time and to go ahead with a c-section. We were both scared but knew Dr. Emery would do a great job. Almost immediately  nurses and doctors started coming in and out talking to each other and Mommy and Daddy. They gave Mommy some more pain medicine and started to wheel her out of the room.
On the way to the OR Daddy had to leave Mommy to get dressed. She was a little out of it but Daddy told her he loved her and would see her soon. Once Mommy got into the room, it was a little surreal. There were tons of nurses working away to prep. Everyone seemed to have a job to do and were very efficient in getting it done. They moved Mommy to another table and started prepping her for surgery. Everyone introduced themselves to Mommy but she wasn’t really paying attention! They put up the blue screen and laid her arms out on each side. Daddy came in around that time and sat right next to her holding her hand. We didn’t even know they had started but at some point one of doctors told us that Mommy would feel some pressure. About 10 seconds after they said that, we heard you cry out for the first time. We both started crying as Dr. Emery announced that you were a boy! At that moment you went from being a Peanut to being a Parker!!!
Daddy went over with the nurse to be with you while they did your APGAR test and made sure you were healthy. You were trying out your lungs which was music to our ears. Mommy got to watch from where she was and could see you holding Daddies finger. After you were all checked out, Daddy brought you over to Mommy so she could see you up close. You were the most beautiful baby she had ever seen and was immediately in love with you!
Daddy then left with you to go wait for Mommy in recovery. After what felt like hours, they wheeled Mommy into recovery and she couldn’t get you into her arms fast enough. She was still a little out of it, but feeling your skin on hers was the most amazing moment of her life!
While you may not have come into this world the way Mommy and Daddy had planned, at 5:13 on June 22, 2012, nothing else mattered. We love you more than we will ever be able to tell you in words, but we will spend the rest of our lives showing you as best we can.


Mommy and Daddy


  1. Anonymous July 13, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    What a beautiful story. Someday Parker will read this story and it will reinforce what great parents you are. We’re so proud of you both. We love you and and little Parker so much! Grandpa and Bam

  2. Amye July 13, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Love the story! Such brave parents, so glad that everyone came through healthy and happy. We can’t wait to see beautiful baby Parker this weekend.

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