Our hospital bags

In all honesty, I started thinking about our hospital bags around 3 months, starting collecting lists around 6 months and have started packing our bags as of now :o)

I am a planner, packer, over-preparer (not a real word, I just made it up) and I am 100% okay with that. I want to be comfortable and have as much as I can predict I will need before and after. I am sure there are items listed below that I will not need but only I will know that and only after I go through this experience. To make is a little easier, we packed 3 different bags that will come in at different times during our stay; labor, baby, postpartum.

Labor Bag

1. Items to help with a medication free birth:
    A. iHome with labor mix
    B. Meditation balls
    C. Two tennis balls inside a sock to help with back pain/labor
    D. Fan
    E. Spray bottle with lavender scent
    F. Hot/cold bag
2. Cash for vending machine
3. Nightlight
4. Tape to put up visual image to focus on during contractions
5. Notebook to track and record significant things that happen and a baby book for babies first foot and hand prints.
6. Towels for personal comfort
7. Camera, charger/extra battery and USB for laptop
8. Shopping bags for wet flipflops and bathing suit
9. Old pillowcase covers
10. Container for bedside table to hold:
    A. Chapstick
    B. Lotion
    C. Baby powder
    D. Nail-file
    E. Tums (I heard hospitals can only give you a few and that won’t be enough for me!)
    F. Altoids
Not shown in pictures:
1. Clothing for DH (change of cloths, bathing suit, shower shoes and sleepwear)
2. Sweatshirt and shower shoes for me
3. Computer and charger
4. Phone charger
5. Snacks for DH and hard candy for me
6. Toiletries including; shampoo, conditioner, soap, MaryKay products, headband/hairbands, comb/brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, and deodorant.

Peanut’s Bag

1. Two different types of pacifiers. We are not 100% sure we will introduce one to Peanut in the hospital but I wanted to have them on hand in case.

2. Hand sanitizer. I am sure there will be a ton of this in the hospital but I wanted some right at the bed to use.

3. Socks

4. No scratch mittens. And yes, I NEED these… Just ask my Sissy if you think I don’t.

5. A few outfits. The monkey one is Peanut’s going home outfit!

6. Hats of both gender 🙂

7. Security blanket my Mom made for Peanut (I have a matching one for the hospital).

8. Two receiving blankets for pictures.

9. Bibs

10. Burp cloths

Postpartum Bag

1. Bobby pillow with custom made cover made by my Mommy to help with breastfeeding.

2. Soothing gel pads

3. Disposable breast pads

4. Lanolin

5. Witch Hazel for pain management

Not shown in picture:
1. Clothing for DH
2. Comfortable clothing, including nursing tanks, for me. A dress and pants and t-shirt to go home in depends on how the birth went. 2+ Moms have said dresses are better for c-sections.
3. Extra bag to bring home items the hospital gives you.
Here are some references I used to back our bags:


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  1. Heather June 20, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Excellent list! My 1 suggestion… Bring 2 coming home outfits, a newborn size and a 0-3 size. I wasn’t expecting to have a 9 lb. baby that didn’t fit in newborn outfits, nor did he fit newborn diapers. (Not sure if you are CDing or using disposables.) Good Luck!

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