Welcome Home Parker!

Our new family of three came home today!!! We found this morning that they were giving us the green light to be discharged. I called my parents who were at breakfast buying us surprise balloons. They came over very quickly (we couldn’t tell they were excited) and helped pack everything up. Our discharge nurse was hilarious and gave us the run down on everything we could possibly worry about over the next few days. We cleaned out the room including all of the supplies both Parker and I were using. 
Parker was so alert looking around as we pulled out but quickly fell asleep 🙂
Snug as a bug! 

Someone was very excited to meet their new brother! 

Our first day/night home has been interesting so far. It’s weird to have this little person in the house but we are all working really well together and everyone is just trying to soak him in. Daddy made a great dinner and we took turns holding him while we ate. I had my first PP breakdown when my Mom asked if I needed my chicken cut up because I couldn’t bend forward enough to eat over my plate. It’s been really hard to move around but I am trying my best to take it easy and not do too much.

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