First Month Must Haves

I always search for blogs with the “must haves” that women recommend. Since we have found so many things that we love and have made our first month with P easier, I wanted to pass them along.


We have two in our house, one upstairs and one in the basement where I feed the most. My Mom made covers so they match the color scheme. They are great for breast feeding and tummy time!

Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahoarse
We had this for about 4 weeks before we took it out. We were visiting friends in Shippensburg and they had mentioned a seahorse being one of their LO’s favorite toys. When we got home we realized we had the same one and took it out that night. WOW, it soothed P immediately! This has become one of our FAVORITES!

Snuggle Nest
We came across this item at Babies R Us and decided to purchase it. We liked the idea of P being in bed with us but still being protected. We only really use it on the weekends when we spend the morning sleeping in but it’s fun to have him in bed with us! The top has a light and plays a noise that resembles a heartbeat which is soothing for all of us 😉 

Rock N Play Sleeper

Everyone we talked to prior to P’s arrival talked about how amazing this little item was. Based on that, we registered for it and are SO happy we did. You don’t really know how valuable it can be until it is 3 AM and ALL you want to do is sleep. P isn’t a big fan of his crib yet so this is the other place he has been sleeping other than with me on the recliner. It is portable and P loves how snug he is when he is in it. 


Clothing & Linens

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets have been our favorite so far. They are big which makes swaddling P easy and are light weight so we can still have him in a onesie underneath. They are a little pricey but we bought them at Buy Buy Baby and used a 20% off coupon. We liked them so much we purchased a second set!

I would have said that mittens were a must have but for us, they lasted about 2 days. P has become quite the Houdini and they don’t stay on more than 5 seconds. Since he is also likes to claw at his face, we had to find another way to keep his precious face safe! Cuffed, footed onesies have been P’s wardrobe for most of the last month. My Mom found some adorable ones at Kohls from Carters. 

Keepin It Clean

We have been using Charlie’s Soap to all of P’s clothes and linens. It works so well and I love that there is NO fragrance. I keep a small container upstairs to get out stains before putting clothes in the hamper. So far, I have gotten poop, pee and liquid formula out of his cloths 100%. The Dapple we use to clean any of P’s bottles, pacifiers or anything else he would put in his mouth. We have the Munchkin Pacificer Wipes in the diaper bags to clean things when we are out and about.

Breast Feeding Items

The biggest item I have found to be a necessity for me are nursing pads. The disposable work well in the hospital and to have on hand in your diaper bag but the washable ones are softer and nicer for long term use. I put them in a mesh bag and wash them with our other hand wash items. The Earth Mama Nipple Butter has been really nice to use, especially on those cluster feeding days.

Since I was only planning on pumping once a day when Rob feeds P a bottle, we went with the Medela Pump & Swing. It is super quiet, portable and can run on batteries. We got it at Buy Buy Baby so we could use a 20% off coupon! We purchased the Medela Steam Bags based on a recommendation from a friend and love them! It is easier to store than a bottle sanitizer and can also sanitize pacifiers, pump parts and pretty much anything else. We also bought Medela freezing & storage bottles that screw right into the breast pump, EXTREMELY convenient. You can even attach a nipple to it if you plan to feed right after pumping. We chose the Born Free bottles because of the materials they are made from but have grown to love the fact that P controls the flow of formula.

We have two of these in the house, one upstairs (lawn) and one in the kitchen (grass). They are really stylish but practical as well. The tress are great for pump parts and pacifier.

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