Saturday’s Top Five Laughs

I have been smiling and laughing a lot these days as we continue to settle into our new lives with our little boy, P. While there were many things that made me laugh this week, these were the ones that first came to mind.

From Rob’s mouth, “his insane hunger”. P has been going through some crazy cluster feeding moments over the last few days. Today he would finish eating by dozing off and the moment I moved him, he would wake up hungry again!

This isn’t a laugh per say but we say a full on smile from P this week. Granted, he is only 5 weeks old and was sleeping so he wasn’t reacting to anything but it was so beautiful and made my heart melt.

The grunting that P has come to take on while BFeeding, sleeping, waking up, when he is chilling and just about any other time during the day. He also has formed the habit of snorting if the grunting gets out of control.

The random pathetic whimpers that P can bust out in the middle of no where and be fine 10 seconds later! This is especially true when HE knocks his paci out of his mouth.

Listening to my 5 week old fart in the morning. It was so loud this morning that my parents came in from the other room to ask if it was me!!! We all then stood there and watched/listened to him for several minutes. Of course, I then had to change the diaper that was very ripe!

And just for fun… 

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