What a great weigh-in today. I am down 2.8 lbs!!! While that isn’t the greatest drop in weight I have ever had during my first week at WW, it is one that I will take. :o)

This weeks topic was Make Your Move. Our leader asked us what equipment we had sitting around the house and what it is currently being used for. I am a total As Seen On TV junkie, especially when it comes to exercise equipment. They just do such a darn good job getting me motivated! While sitting there listening to her, I counted about 8 exercise items I have purchased online. While I would love to give my pregnancy as an excuse for not using any of them recently, that would be a little bit of a lie.

Our phamplet gave us 9 ways to move more:

One ~ Do what you like
Once I get the go ahead from the doctor, I want to start taking P for a walk everyday. This will be a great opportunity to get him outside in the fresh air and get my exercise in! I also want to start doing Zumba during one of his naptimes. It won’t be the same as taking a class but I will be able to stick with it more at home.

Two ~ Pace yourself
I have to keep telling myself that I was pregnant for 9 months and I won’t get back to where I was (even though I wasn’t even happy there) overnight. I have set small goals for myself and will reach my ultimate goal someday in the future!

Three ~ Set goals
Since my life has changed a little whole lot, I have learned that I need to set small goals everyday and not get too upset if I can’t achieve them. My number one goal is to care for P. That not only means caring for his needs but mine as well. This includes eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, showering and exercising!

Four ~ Ditch the all or nothing attitude
I use to be an all or nothing person. If I didn’t have time for a full workout, I didn’t do anything… Now, I will utilize all the small opportunities to do something if I don’t (and even if I do) have time for the long walk or workout. 

Five ~ Don’t go it alone
I have P to keep me motivated!

Six ~ Bring in a pro
This doesn’t really fit into my life right now but I have a ton of friends who I can turn to for advice.

Seven ~ Make it easy to exercise
I have lots of opportunity to add 5-20 minutes of exercise throughout my day. It is never consistent but is always there and I just need to take those opportunities!

Eight ~ Do different things
I have a lot of variety if I play with those many exercise items I have purchased and are collecting dust around the house. 😉

Nine ~ Keep track
I love my eTools on my phone for this reason!

Here is to another great week and adding a little more activity and exercise into my life in the near future.