Green Baby ~ Cloth Diapers Part II

We had gone back and forth about using cloth diapers and once I showed Rob the numbers, he was sold. Here is a post I did awhile ago talking about the diapers we chose and some of the accessories we purchased.

I wanted to share an update on how our preparation to use cloth diapers is going as Parker just reached 8 lbs 3 oz and we have decided to start using them this week. You may be asking yourself, “what possible preparation do you need to use diapers?” Well, there was a lot more than I had thought myself when deciding to “Go Green” and use cloth diapers.

We had to first wash them which in itself was a little complicated. The packaging provided instructions to was the cotton items a certain way however, the diaper nor the inserts are made of cotton…? We decided, after consulting my CD expert over at Home For Three, to wash the inserts 5 times using a pre-wash, wash and extra rinse. We then did the same with a load of the lighter color covers and darker colored covers. Once that was done, Rob and I assembled the diapers using the booster insert since that is all P will need at the moment.

To help with washing the diapers, I created this bulletin board for the laundry room with the specific preparation and washing instructions for the cloth diapers. I think it adds a little character to the space since it is shared with Rob’s workroom.

My Mom made these awesome wet bags for me using special fabric from JoAnn’s. She made several small bags for our diaper bags and then larger ones to fit the diaper pail and then a few for dirty cloths when we travel. I have already used them during our last outing when P pooped through his clothing. It was so nice to be able to put them in the wet bag, zip it up and not have to worry about it until we got home later!

We decided to use the Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe for our cloth diapers. We liked that you lifted the handle and a compartment opened just big enough to put the diaper in. This will hopefully keep out as much odor as possible. My Mom made a few wet bags to fit it so we can take that and throw it into the wash along with the diapers.

We started using cloth diapers on P today. I am so excited to get him out of the disposables and into something softer and better for his skin! I will update in a few weeks about how it is going! 

A sneak peek of my new fluffy butt little boy!


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