I have spent the last month or so joining as many mommy groups I can find. I wanted to make sure that P and I were getting out of the house and interacting with other mothers and babies. So far, I have joined two groups on meetup.com in addition to the one I started. Between them, I have already found out about and attend several events including lunches, consignment sales and most recently an exercise experience called Stroller Strides.

Everything has been a blast so far and I am so excited about all of the events coming up on our calendar! Next week I am doing 3 sessions of Mommy Bootcamp for free. There is also a Mommy & Me movie coming up on the first Tuesday of September and another consignment sale at the end of September.

It is so important to get yourself out there! Once your pediatrician gives the okay, GO OUT. It maybe a little scary but the more you do it, the easier it will get and the most comfortable you will be. You can’t predict a little ones schedule so I am always prepared with extra cloth diapers, wet bags, clothing, formula and my BF cover.

Here are some sites I have used to hook up with other mommies!