Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Month Two Favorites

The topic for today’s Toddle Along Tuesday is, “your favorite baby item.” Since P will be two months tomorrow, I decided to combine this link up with our month two favorites. Click here to check out our month one favorites which we still are enjoying today!

It is amazing how much P has grown in the last few weeks. He is so much more alert and really starting to interact with his surroundings. We had most of these items when he was a month old but he just now starting to use them.

In no particular order, our favorite month two items are…

Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Mobile 

This mobile is great and plays 10 different melodies, all of which I have memorized already 🙂 It also plays a white noise and ocean sound. It plays for about 20 minutes with a drift off feature. P and I have been sleeping great 😉 There is also a remote control so my sometimes lazy butt can hit play without getting up!

Rob went out and bought this for P when he was about a week old. He just recently started interacting with it and watching the sea animals go round and round. He also tries to reach his hand up and get them which is adorable, but don’t take me on my word, see for yourself :o)

Fisher Price Discover N’ Grow Kick and Play Gym Piano

I P has had a blast with this play mat. He has always been a good kicker and he is starting to realize that he is making music when he kicks. We added some rings that he can reach and it getting more control with his arms and hands and can reach them when he tries. I like that we can alter the mat so he can sit at the piano any play when he is a little older. 

Sophie the Giraffe
I have to admit that Sophie wasn’t something that I had planned to buy for P. I wasn’t sure what the whole hype was and thought it was a little girlish. Luckily, Rob’s Aunt sent us a care package after P was born and Sophie was in there! I have to say now, I am SO happy that she sent it to us. I love how down to earth and practical it is. P is really starting to play with it more now he can hold the legs. I also don’t think it is too girlie!! 
Moby Wrap
The good friend of mine had a Moby and I have always trusted her judgement so of course I went ahead and purchased it. I used it twice during P’s first month but then stopped, for no particular reason. About a week ago I brought it back out and have been using it daily with P. He really likes taking naps snug inside and it frees my hands up to blog 😉 

I have to admit that it is really intimidating when you first open it up because it is just one long piece of fabric but I found a video on YouTube and after a few tries had it gown pat. At first I had P’s legs inside the wrap but now I have them hanging out so he is more comfortable. 

iPhone Apps

Technology has come a long way and I use that to my advantage every chance I can get! We used the Baby Timer to track P’s feedings and diaper changes during his first month constantly. Now I use it more to track his vaccinations, weight/height gain, milestones and sleep tracking. I also love the Relax M app which has different noise settings like river and thunderstorm. Rob, P and I all sleep great with it on. 🙂

Homemade Security Blanket

P having a security blanket was really important to me. I had one when I was little called a Funny Bunny and it really comforted me when I was little. The biggest problem was I didn’t know what it was actually called and couldn’t really find one I liked. My amazingly crafty Mom volunteered to make one for P. We picked out soft fabric for one side and satin for the other. My Mom then attached a turtle she made. I started putting him down at night with it and his hands are getting big enough so he can now hold onto the arms and legs. It is so cute to watch!

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