Hospital Bag Critique

I have seen several blogs where they did a follow up to their hospital bag post and talked about what they ended up using and what they wish they had brought. I found a lot of value in those posts and wanted to do the same.

Now that it is all said and done, I would still bring everything I did below.

Having three different bags was very helpful. Rob brought in each bag as it was needed so we didn’t have a lot to transfer from my labor room/OR to my recovery room. After P was born, Rob brought in P’s bag and my recovery bag. 
Labor Bag
My labor didn’t go as planned from the beginning so there were several things I didn’t end up using. However, since you never know what will happen, I do not regret bringing any of this. Since my water broke and I was not having contractions, I was put on Poticin right away and therefore I couldn’t get out of bed. 
1. Items to help with labor – We used music (A) for awhile but as the pain worsened, it just got annoying and I remember telling Rob to, “turn that damn music off”! We didn’t use the meditation balls, lavender spray and ice bag mainly because I was having back labor (B, D, E and F). We used the tennis balls in the sock (C) A LOT! They pretty much saved me from getting an epidural for 5 hours of active painful labor. 
2. Money for vending machine – Since I was pretty much in active labor until we went with a c-section, Rob didn’t have much of a chance to go to the vending machine until we were in the recovery room. 
3. Nightlight – We put this in my labor bag in case I had a long labor that lasted through the night. That wasn’t the case so we didn’t need it in our labor bag. In the recovery room, we kept the TV on so we didn’t really need it. I would still recommend having it though. It is very small and would be helpful if needed. 
4. Tape – I had brought this to hang up my visual focus but didn’t end up using it or needing it. 
5. Journal & Baby Book – I didn’t have time to go on the computer let alone write in a journal. We also only used the baby book after P got his first bath and they did his foot prints. 
6. Towels – Although towels would have provided a little home comfort, we didn’t end up using them. Rob got to go home to shower a few times when my parents came to visit. I only took one shower while I was there and since I had a c-section, I wanted to use their towels. 
7. Camera – This is a no brainer, lol! 
8. Plastic Bags – These were great to have to put my shower flip flops and anything else that was wet when we packed up to go home. 
9. Pillow cases – It was nice to have my own pillow and an older pillow case that I didn’t have to worry about getting messy. 
10. Labor toiletries – I used the Chapstick a ton. Rob used the tums like crazy. My heartburn disappeared the night I had P. The rest of the items I didn’t end up using. 
Some of the items we brought that were not shown in the picture is clothing (for both Rob and I), shower shoes, computer and chargers, phone chargers, snacks and toiletries. I especially used my MaryKay cleansing cloths to wash my face from my bed. You can purchase them here
 Parker’s Bag

I will make this easy and say that we used most of the items below and I still recommend bringing all of them and plan to do so the next time.

1. Two types of pacifiers – Although we tried both (Soothie and Avent) he didn’t take to either.
2. Hand Sanitizer – I had forgotten we had this in our bag but when I remembered, we started using it quite a bit.
3. Socks – P was swaddled most of the time but we used these when he was in his outfits and on the way home.
4. Mittens – These are a MUST!
5. Outfits – We put him in all of the outfits
6. Hats – These are also a MUST. The hospital ones are functional but not really pretty 🙂
7. Security Blanket – While not a necessity, I still liked having it around for P. Reality is he is just now starting to interact with it at 10 weeks. It was more for pictures than functionality.
8. A&A Blanket – We used the hospital blankets mostly but had
9. Bibs – We used these because the nurses had me supplement with liquid formula while I was there because I was having some BF issues. The liquid formula stains pretty bad.
10. Burp Cloths – We used the hospital ones.

Postpartum Bag

The Boppy (#1) was essential after P was born. I was able to rest him on it in my bed and the chair. It was especially helpful since I had a c-section. The breast pads and lanolin (#2-4) I didn’t use until a few days after I got home and my milk came in. I still think it’s an important thing to have on hand in the hospital just in case. Since I had a c-section, I didn’t need the witch hazel (#5) but know other mothers swore by it.

One of the things I wish I had purchased/brought with me was a nice hospital gown. I had talked about it in a previous post and a few people responded that I wouldn’t want to pay the money since it would get ruined during labor. I wish I had gotten one or two for the days/nights I was in the hospital recovering. We had a few people come visit and I wanted to look decent but it was painful to get dressed and hard to BF P easily. This would be a happy medium and make me feel a little more human. This is something I will be purchasing for next time!

I also forgot my prenatal vitamins and cranberry pills. I wish I had brought them because I went a few days with out taking them.

My biggest words of wisdom are to take EVERYTHING you can from the hospital. My Mom insisted that we take everything, even though I didn’t think we needed it. We use the wash basin to soak any cloths P stains upstairs after we change him instead of walking down and up two flights of stairs. We used the remainder of his wipes and diapers since he was too small for his cloth diapers when we got home. We used the large pads they gave me on his changing table which saved quite a few washes. I continued to use the squirt bottle, smaller pads and mesh undies till my incision healed a little more. Nothing went to waste!

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