Mommy & Me Movie

I was so excited about this amazing opportunity for Mommies! Even with today’s technology and inventions, there are still some things that are difficult for mom’s to do. One of which is going to the movies. This is such a cute idea and we had so much fun. I met up with two other Mommies that I met at In addition to us, there were about 12 other Mommies and even a few Daddies there. An AMC employee was in the theater and gave us goodie bags. She also stayed to help adjust the lights and sound to our liking.

I wish I had a camera because during the previews, all three of us had our little ones on our laps. They were all looking at the giant screen in amazement! It was adorable! P watched for a little bit and then got fussy so I BF him which was super easy to do in the seat. He then passed out on me for the remainder of the movie. Some little ones were fussy but no one minded since we were all in the same boat.

The movie was great, a little sad for a PP Momma though! I cried several times 🙂

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