Month Three

Over the last month, P experienced

On the 4th, P and I went to our first Mommy & Me movie at our local AMC theater. We went with two other mommies and munchkins from my Mommies group. It was so much fun to get out and see a movie in the actual theater. AMC partners with TheBump for this event each month and is a great opportunity for all Mommies. I sat P on my lap for a little bit and he just stared at the screen in amazement. He got as little fussy about 10 minutes in but I fed him (which was really easy to do) and then fell asleep on me for the rest of the movie. It was some fun cuddle time!

Rob’s office had Family Day this month so we dressed P up and took him to Daddy’s work. He of course won’t remember anything but it was fun to walk around and see everything. I can’t wait for him to really enjoy all the activities they have for kids in a few years.

Through TheBump, I became part of a Facebook group with about 200+ Moms who were also due in July. It has been and continues to be one of the most beneficial groups I have ever been a part of. The first little one born, several weeks early, just came home this month! We were delighted to share our love and most uploaded signs to our group welcoming home Bode!

We went down the street and played with the big kids! It’s so cute because they always get together on Thursday’s from 10-12. They were all very intrigued with P and his toys. One of the little boys kept trying to take P’s paci but couldn’t figure out how to open the container I keep it in to keep clean 🙂

Doctors Visit

P didn’t have a doctors visit this month so I decided to weigh him on our scale. It’s only an estimate but it looks like my little Peanut is now about 13 lbs!

Visits & Trips

Bam and Chief came for a visit at the beginning of the month. They were so excited to see P and stayed up to play with him even though they didn’t get here until 10pm! We took them to see our new house (fingers crossed) and to one of my new favorite thrift stores. Mom and I went crazy in the home goods section. Rob and Dad fixed some things up around the house and Mom kept P company while I made DIY dishwasher pods.

Bam took P after his 6ish AM feeding. I came in around 9:30 to this. Grandma’s touch!! 

Sarah and I met in Reading, PA on the 15th to spend a little Sissy time (+P) together. I wanted to get away for the weekend since we started showing the house. The trip was a little rough by myself. Had to stop a few times because he worked himself up, over nothing of course. I also ended up pulling off into parking lot of a bar to feed him because that was the only thing I could find in the moment. We had a great time walking around the VF Outlets and hanging out in the hotel room. I brought P’s piano and R&P.

General thoughts this month

This month was bitter sweet for me. During my parents visit, my Mom informed me that I should be switching out his clothing from NB to 0-3 months. I told her he wasn’t big enough as I squeezed him into my favorite overalls. It was then I realized she was right and I shed a small tear. She helped me go through and take all of the NB stuff out of the drawers & closest, wash the 0-3 month cloths and reorganize them. Although I am so sad to see some of my favorites packed up, he has some really cute 0-3 month clothing!

I had to share some of our favorites that have now been retired until the next Peanut!

Has it really been 3 whole months already? I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and how normal my life now feels. I randomly wondered the other day, “what I did  before Parker”? My days seem full and satisfied and I am amazed I never felt empty before. P’s personality is becoming more and more apparent every day. He has these adorable quirks when he eats, loves watching the television, and clearly knows who his Mommy and Daddy are. He is getting so strong and has some of the most hilarious facial features.

Some of my favorite photos from this month

I love my iPhone photo editing app! 

Daddy reading to P! 

Sadly, this is nothing new in the Meyer household. Everyone asleep but Momma! 

Matchy matchy Daddy and P! 
Aunt Sarah got him this outfit and we had to snap a picture with him “roaring” ! 

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