Tipful Thursday

Today’s Tipful Thursday topic is, removing stains. What is your favorite remedy for removing those pesky stains?!

Even though P is only 10 weeks old, he can still cause some massive stains on his cloths! We have had a few blowouts and when he got his vaccinations at his 2 month visit, I found a little blood on his onesie.

We have been pretty particular about the cleaning agents we have been using around and for P. From dish soap, to detergent I wanted safe and green products. I didn’t want stain remover to be any different. We do a good amount of shopping at Buy Buy Baby and found a line of cleaning products called BabyGanics. I am a fan of several of their products but my favorite is the Stain Remover. It has gotten every stain out I have thrown its way!

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