What a beautiful day!

My SAH Mommas group spent the day in the city walking around the monuments. Since there were 3 little ones, we didn’t get all that much sight seeing in but it was such a beautiful day we didn’t care! 🙂 We met at the Smithsonian metro stop and worked are way around the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. We had to stop a few times for diaper changes and feedings but we didn’t mind. It was such a beautiful day outside that the fresh air and breeze was relaxing.

It would have been a perfect trip if was able to find where I had parked a little easier. I remembered where I parked, I just couldn’t find it. I swore it was GG5 but all I could find was G5 and no car. Then I realized that I turned in the wrong direction when I got off the elevator and there are two separate garages. P was so cute watching me try to find the car 🙂 I am glad he didn’t really know what was going on!

Here are some of my favorite shots for of the day!

First outside bump metro ride! 

Enjoying the breeze! He absolutely loved looking around. 

Real men wear pink! Mommy remembered everything but a hat. It’s okay though, he didn’t like the carrier  (or the hat) very much. He preferred to stay in the stroller and look around while playing with Frey! 

I can’t share my weight loss today because our scale is broken :/ I promise to report back next week with a hopefully nice loss. I wanted to get down to 200 lbs by the end of this month so I have just a few more days to achieve that! I am getting better each day with figuring out how to eat healthy and be a SAHM. It’s amazing how much more food for you bang you can get when choosing healthy options.

I decided to really test this theory out and put together breakfast, lunch and two snacks the night before.

Nature Valley granola bar, Yoplait, tuna sandwich, fruit cup, apple, cheese and crackers and carrots =  26 points! 

I can’t believe all the food I got for only 26 points leaving me with 19 for dinner and an evening snack. A Burger King Whopper and fries come in around the same number of points. Of course, the above menu is lacking some chocolate but I can add a Skinny Cow candy bar for only another 2 points. This also includes 2 dairy, 3 fruit, 1 vegetable and protein.

I did want to share a really helpful article that I found on one of my favorite pregnancy/mommy blogs. It’s titled, How Real Moms Lose Weight, and can be found here. I can agree that it is so hard to find time for me, that when I do finally get it, exercising isn’t really top of my list. I have found ways to exercise while tending to P which include weights while breastfeeding!