31 Days to a More Organized Life ~ Day 18 (Baby)

I always felt as though I was fairly good at organizing. I took pride in my organizational skills and loved helping others find organization in their lives. However, I think I finally met my match when we brought Parker home from the hospital. Things got CRAZY! There were burp cloths, blankets, bottles and pacifiers all over the place. After about five days in, even though I was recovering from a c-section, I sat down and tried to figure out how to organize everything!

Now before you get too excited, I will warn you that there isn’t any “earth shattering tips here” but they have made a huge difference in the organization and sanity of my life! Here are a few things I came up with that have really helped out.

Blankets and burp cloths and pacifiers oh my! 

For our house I spent a good amount of time on each of our three floors. I decided to choose a different style pacifier, burp cloth, blanket and bib for each floor and the diaper bag. This helps out a ton when I am doing laundry as I drop off each pile on the correct floor. I had a cheat sheet printed by the washer but after awhile, I didn’t need it anymore. This has been really important since I spend days alone with Parker. I couldn’t imagine in the middle of feeding him realizing I didn’t have a burp cloth or blanket (since he usually naps after eating).


I use the 6oz size for the nipple shield and the 8oz size for pacifiers. I have 4 sets and I keep one of each on every floor (and in the diaper bag) that had a different style pacifier in each. These have been such a great find! I love that they keep everything organized and away from as many germs as possible.

This was helpful in drying all of P’s pacifiers and bottle parts. We were trying out a few different bottles and it was already hard enough to figure out how to put them together. Throw in a missing piece and forget it! I also happen to link how stylish it looks on the counter although functionality was my biggest priority. 

This helps out a ton for all of P’s socks and scratch mittens (when he used them) so they don’t get lost in the rest of the laundry. I just cloths pin it to his hamper and throw it in the wash when full.

Check back tomorrow where I will be showing you how I reuse some baby items to help organize around the house. 


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13 thoughts on “31 Days to a More Organized Life ~ Day 18 (Baby)

  1. My burp cloths always seem to grow legs and go walking. I have pockets on the sides of the glider that are perfect for them, but I fill them up and a few hours later, they’re all gone. LOL! And I definitely need some mesh bags. I’ve gotten spoiled with having older kids… I’d forgotten how itty bitty baby socks are!

  2. I’m already unorganized so I can only imagine what this house is going to look like after the baby gets here! Hopefully I’ll remember some of these tips, though.

  3. I have way too many receiving blankets/burp cloths! And not with this baby, but with my 3 yr old I had billions of binki’s! I really need to get organizing, my worst spot is the playard – it holds everything since we are not really using it for the baby… it’s holding the baby stuff haha.

  4. That drying rack is so cute! I’m already worried about where we’ll put all this baby stuff when she arrives. I definitely want to try to get as many things as possible organized beforehand.

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