31 Days to a More Organized Life ~ Day 9 (Linen Closet)

There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night with a headache, heartburn or stuffy nose and not being able to find what you need without waking up and turning the light on.
Having an organized linen closet makes our life a little easier, especially since I mostly go in there to find something specific! I have to admit after reorganizing my linen closet, I smile every time I go inside to get something! 🙂
We only have one linen closet in the house so ours has to store as much as possible. We keep all of our sheets, towels, ice packs/heating pads, travel supplies, extra supplies, cleaning supplies for upstairs and medications/ointments in one place. 
The bins are from Target and the iron baskets are from Kohls. The top shelf has all of our sheets and blankets  There is a shelf of towels and wash cloths. P has his own shelf and drawers for extra hygiene items such as q tips, medication, shampoo, etc… One shelf is dedicated to cleaning supplies and extra items such as tissues, cotton balls, etc.. Since I am such a pack-rat, I also had to make a shelf with nothing but travel items and samples from hotels etc… It’s great to have a wide selection around for when company forgets something :). The bottom shelf is like the junk drawer of the closet. Drawer liners, heating pads, ice packs, extra show curtains, etc… can be found together in a basket (which makes anything look better). 
We needed to use the door space to hold all of our medications, ointments etc… One thing I learned while organizing this was that I NEED to pay more attention to expiration dates! I ended up throwing out about half of our stuff because it was well past the expiration. 
I divided up the shelves by sun care items & nail polish remover, band-aids & ointments, medications, oral care and cold remedies  It is amazing how much nicer it is to open the door and know exactly where to go.  
I have seen on Pinterest lately many uses for TP rolls. As I was cleaning everything out, I decided to try and use them to organize all of our ointments. I have full intentions of dressing them up a bit with scrapbook paper but P didn’t allow for much time to put this post together today 🙂 I am hoping this will allow us to find something quicker and prevent purchasing duplicates. 
That wraps up day #9 for me! Check back tomorrow where I will be showing you how I organize things in our bathrooms.



  1. SJ@SweeterStill October 16, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Love your use of the space on the inside of the door! It looks so organized. Thanks for nominating me for the Leibster! I’m so excited to put together my post 🙂

    1. Mary Meyer October 16, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      You are so welcome! I have really enjoyed following you along :o)

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