Somebody finally noticed a kitty cat! Shouldn’t have photo bombed the picture, Alice!  

New experiences
It’s hard to pinpoint certain ones this month. In the last few weeks, P has started cooing/talking nonstop. He loves one on one interaction, usually at the changing table. He will look into your eyes, smile touch your faces and tell you stories for as long as you will let him. While in NJ, P also rolled from his tummy to his back. It was so cute because I could tell it was gonna happen and was able to Skype with Rob so he could watch. He is also starting to figure out the motions of peek-a-boo and was playing with GiGi will we were in OBX. His fine motor skills are really developing and is able to grab onto things a little easier. 

Visits & Trips

On September 26th, a few Mommies in my SAHM group took a trip into DC. It was so weird to be there, walking around with a stroller. We met at the Smithsonian metro stop and made our way to the Washington, WWII and Lincoln Memorials. Yes, it took ALL day to just make it to those three locations 🙂

The Milburn Clan, rockin new minivan and all came to visit for the weekend. Jen and I hit up one of my favorite consignment sales where I scored a ton of awesome deals for P. The boys stayed at home and played video games, P kicked all their butts slept on Rob’s lap the entire time. Afterwards, we took them to our new favorite thrift store and since we were in the area, stopped at CiCi’s for dinner and IKEA. Consignment sale + thrift store + IKEA + CiCi’s + Milburn Clan = AMAZING WEEKEND!

One of the awesome finds was a Snugli carrier which P LOVES. He got hungry walking around IKEA and it was great to be able to feed him in it.

P and I spent a nice long week in NJ to visit Bam, Chief and Auntie Sarah. Grandma Mary came to meet P and quickly learned what happens why you try to burp him in the middle of a feeding! He also played his piano mat for her. Bam took off on Tuesday and we went to Rices. Although it rained the whole time, P was quite content in his stroller under the covers! Rob joined us for the weekend and P was so excited to see his Daddy. We enjoyed the first fire of the season, P especially, and went apple picking. Chief also got to show P around his work and meet some of his Great Uncles and his fan club!

We made the trip to OBX again this year for a nice week long vacation by the sand. Chief flew to TN to drive GiGi (Grandma Betty to me) and Poppa Sam and Tim and Hye Lim met us there. We spent the week relaxing in the living room watching P play on his playmat and telling us stories. We took him down to the beach and he felt the sand in his toes for the first time! 

4 Month Well Visit
P is now 15 pounds 1 ounce, 24.5 inches tall with a 17 inch head! He had his second round of vaccinations :/ The Dr. also gave the go ahead to start eating solids including cereal, fruits and veggies. I could have told you he was a growing boy when I yet again had to put more cloths away after realizing they no longer fit!   
General Thoughts This Month
I cannot believe what growth I have seen in Parker the last 2 weeks. He is talking like crazy, looking at everything around him and even starting to get into trouble. He will give you the goofiest biggest smile if you make silly noises at him. He has these amazing blue eyes that will melt your heart when he smiles at your or even cries. He still has the lip quiver which usually means you are not getting the bottle ready fast enough! 
I treasure every moment I get to spend with him, even if it means the dishes don’t get done. He is turning into this little person right before my eyes and it is truly amazing.

Every day, I fall more and more in love! 

Favorites of the Month