Life Lately

I can’t believe how much has gone on the last week!


Our whole house hunting, selling and buying experience has really blown us away. As I type this, I am sitting on our bed in our new room in our new house.  I can still barely believe it myself. Some maybe asking, “didn’t you buy a house a few years ago?”.

Yes, we bought a house in November 2010. We never intended to stay there for very long and ultimately, wanted to find a single family home we could grow into for the next 10 years or so. We weren’t really planning on moving so soon but one day in September, we got to thinking and decided to see our options. As it turned out, rates were excellent, properties in our area were rare and the market was great in the location we wanted to move to. We were able to find a deal on a single family home that ends up being less of a mortgage payment then the town home.

It was a short sale so we knew it would be awhile before we heard if the bank accepted our offer. In the meantime, we had to sell our home to get the loan for the new house. We didn’t anticipate two things. First, that we would sell our home in seven days. Second, that the bank would want to close on the new home quickly. They came back and accepted our offer but wanted to close October 31st. We couldn’t get the paperwork done in time so we planned to move to the new house under rent back and close on the old house on the 31st.

We planned to move some things in last weekend and then have the packers come Tuesday and move Wednesday. Then Sandy started to show her true potential… We decided to move a few days early to beat her. Excellent idea but que the stress! The movers finished up the last few boxes just as it started to rain Sunday. We were pretty lucky with the storm and didn’t lose power although we did sleep in the hallway!

Living Room/Play Room

Master Bedroom

Kitchen & Living Room

2 Trucks pulled up and backed up to one another to unload easier. These guys are pros! I will be doing a review for them soon because they were so amazing and we would recommend them in a heartbeat! 

Luckily, we brought over P’s bouncer ourselves so we knew exactly where it was. He played it in for hours on Monday (with an occasional nap) which allowed us to get some unpacking done! He loved bouncing and watching the storm outside move the big oak tree we have in the backyard.

Even though we were still living out of boxes, it was important to still celebrate Halloween! We got candy and passed it out to the Trick-Or-Treaters. I didn’t get to do all the pictures I wanted for Halloween but am happy we at least got some!

The next few weeks are going to be filled with unpacking and reorganizing our life. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super excited about it! I have so many Pinterest inspired projects to do and plan to paint almost every room in the house one at a time.