Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Holiday Wishlist

When I saw this weeks Toddle Along Tuesday topic I knew it would be a toughie! It’s hard for me to even remember the last time I thought about something I wanted. Even in one of my favorite stores, Kohls, I find myself in the children’s section instead of the shoes or home decor! With the holiday season approaching quickly, I realized that even if this took me awhile, it would be nice to pass along to family :o)

Cricut Expression Rolling Tote-Brown/Pink

One of my favorite craft items is my Cricut! The only problem right now is it is a little awkward to travel with because of it’s unique shape and size. This bag would be perfect to transport along with the power cord and USB to hook up my Design Studio! 

Realistically, this just isn’t in the budget for Christmas but it doesn’t change that it is on my wish list! With all of the blogging I have been doing and what I would love to be doing in the future, this would be AMAZING! I will admit, I still use my version of Photoshop from back in college! 

Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

If you know me, and my major slight obsession with As Seen On TV products, you would be telling me the last thing I need in my kitchen is another gadget. I will say that this is something I could REALLY use! When I was home last my Mom used hers to cook pork chops and I loved that she could put everything in to cook and go off to do other things. Will a little one at home, these types of gadgets are worth their weight in gold! 
I have had my camera since the Summer of 07 and still have not put a strap on it. Hubby keeps telling me I am playing with fire. I just didn’t like the plain strap it came with. Since I LOVE Vera and this is a favorite pattern of mine it would be perfect! 
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