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November 16, 2012


Letter To Me

Last night I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and feeding P his peas when one of my favorites songs from Brad Paisley came on, Letter To Me.

I started thinking about the last 20 years and everything that has happened to me. There have been some pretty great and pretty awful things that have happened. I realized though, even if I could go back and change things, I wouldn’t want to.

I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and write my own letter.

~ You will meet a girl with really big hair in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Don’t underestimate her friendship and don’t listen to her when she writes a note saying she hates you. You’ll thank me one day.

~ Cheating on your vocab test in middle school won’t be the best idea but at least you can then say you were in detention once!

~ HS will be rough. You won’t be popular and you will get made fun of. All I can say is things will change and you will one day be FB friends with most of them.

~ Don’t listen to people when they call you stupid. One day you won’t be afraid of your learning disability and be able to help others come out of their shell. Oh and yeah, your 12th grade English teacher is an ass. Not only will you finish college, but you will find yourself with three consecutive semester of a 4.0 in graduate school.

~ One day after school when you are driving home with Steph and Michelle, watch out for the student driver in front of you. It’s bad enough you’ll be unpopular. Let’s try to avoid rear-ending them in the school parking lot as ALL of the buses pass by.

~ Colorguard, marching band and drum corp are sports and they will teach you discipline, how to drive in a carpool line and that even after 10 years you will subconsciously start jazz running when you hear a Dr. Beat.

~ Going to CA after college with your drummer boyfriend won’t be a mistake. It won’t end up how you thought but you’ll get to visit some really cool clubs and enjoy a year of nice warm weather. You will also meet some pretty cool gals!

~ You may think that you can hold your liquor but you can’t when you are competing with beer drinkers. Rum is NOT the same 🙂

~ Take more pictures of yourself in graduate school when you reach your goal weight. You’ll need them as motivation later down the line. Say around June of 2012.

~ No relationship, that you have, will be a mistake. Your heart will get broken, a lot, but it will help you find true love. I won’t tell you when though, I don’t have to, you’ll just know. Oh and by the way, join OK Cupid once you get to DC.

~ Oh and yes, being a Mom is as cool as you think it will be!


Operation Christmas Child

I was recently visiting Christa over at Little BGCG, one of my favorite blogs, and found out that she is participating in campaign called Operation Christmas Child. It is such a great idea and a tradition I would love to start with P, and any future Meyer’s down the line! We have been extremely fortunate and I want to share some Holiday spirit with a little boy or girl!

I had to learn more so I visited their website Samaritan’s Purse to read more about Operation Christmas Child. They have a user friendly website and I was able to find how to pack a shoebox really easy! I decided to chose a girl ages 10-14. I know how cute it is to find stuff for little ones and thought selecting an older child would do more good! I didn’t realize at the time how tricky it would be! I was able to locate a drop off location and learn more about paying the $7 donation to cover shipping online so I can actually track my package! If you don’t have time to get to the store and pack one yourself, you can even build a box online.

Today P and I ventured out to Target to put together our box. It was quite a production because I decided to wear P. There I was in the bathroom with a carrier on, his diaperbackpack on, my purse on and me trying to hold him and open the changing table. I have a little practicing to do!

I ended up walking around the store about 5 times and stopped two women with younger girls to see if they had some advice. I knew it would be hard to put together a box for a 10-14 year old girl but welcomed the challenge. In the end, I think we did pretty well. I am so nervous and hope she likes everything.

I ended up finding a journal, pens, tissues, tin with 3 chap-sticks  tin with gum, comb, playing cards, socks, sequence hair pin and a bracelet. Including the box, it was about $35. I would have gotten more but I couldn’t get anything else to fit! And BTW, I am not encouraging her to drink coffee. I just thought those cups are cool and she can put water in it. I was planning on putting a note inside telling her that!

Here is what we came up with! I plan to also write a letter to her and send along a picture of us!