Month 5 Favorites

Fisher Price Animal Crakers Jumperoo & Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

A boy on the move requires toys that will let him fly! We now have two types of bouncers in the house. About two months ago we purchased the Fisher Price Animal Crackers Jumperoo (L). At the time, we had to put a pillow underneath him and move it to make sounds and noises. Now he knows exactly how to shake it to make noise. He absolutely loves this thing and is the main reason I have the house unpacked already. I love the pastel colors, the music or learning option, the two volume choices, and the interactive gadgets including blocks, a book, mirror and teether.

Once we moved to the new house, I decided it would be nice to have another one in my art room. Since space is rare, we decided to go with the Sassy Seat™ Doorway Jumper (R). This is perfect for a small area and is very sturdy! There are cute toys that go on the front and a mirror that P loves looking into.  

We didn’t use this diaper bag at first because it was a little much and the biggest compartment was the cooler and I was nursing. Now that P is strictly FF, we have to have formula, water and bottles with us all the time. This bag is fantastic for day trips and versatile so the hubs isn’t embarrassed to carry it. I’ll be posting more on this and what we carry around with us soon!

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair – Coco Sorbet 

When we originally registered for a highchair, I didn’t realize how cool this one actually was! Is it stylish, functional and portable! There is a quick release button on the front when you are only working with one hand and has two positions (slightly reclined and upright). The cover comes off and can be washed easily, which you will appreciate when your little one switches to baby food!

Chicco® Lullaby LX 4-in-1 Playard – Adventure

This playard definitely has all the bells and whistles. We registered for it because we loved that is was an all-in-one. There is a changing table, infant insert and mobile. We have used this on overnight trips, naps during the day and now at night in our room before he transitions to his crib. It was a little confusing to take down and put back up the first few times but has gotten pretty easy with a little practice.

Angelcare 3-in-1 Baby Monitor

When we started putting P down for naps in his crib, we really started using the monitor we had. This was something I wasn’t willing to compromise on and even though this particular monitor is pricey, it is worth every penny. There is LCD color touch screen monitor and sensory mat. You are able to watch the mat detecting breathing movement on the screen and even the temperature in the room. I feel so much better leaving P alone for naps right now and will sleep a little easier once we transition him to the crib for nights. There were a lot of negative reviews about there being false alarms with this. I haven’t had any so I would definitely say it is worth the money!

NUK Soft Bite Infant Spoons & Munchkin Suction Bowls

I still remember getting some of these for our shower and saying to Rob, “it will be forever before Peanut will need these”. Ha, it came much sooner than I thought it would! We got the go ahead to start solids at our 4 month checkup. Rob and I waited until about 18 weeks. We did two days of oatmeal mixed according to the directions. It was really runny and P wasn’t into it. I decided to make it a little thicker and started adding different veggies and a few fruits. So much better! These munchkin suction bowls with lips and the NUK spoons have been great! Definitely among my favorite food items!