MaryKay Giveaway Announcement

As we approach the end of Fall and gear up for Winter, what a perfect time to win some amazing MaryKay products and start protecting your skin from the harsh weather.

There are so many things I love about the cold weather. Snuggling by the fire, hot chocolate, cute hats and scarfs. One thing I don’t look forward to is how the harsh weather can damage my skin. That is where three of my favorite MaryKay products come in. Their Satin Lips, Pedicure Set and Satin Hands help me protect my skin and keep it looks healthy and fresh even if there is snow on the ground.

Satin Lips Set

The Satin Lips Set includes a Lip Mask and Lip Balm. At the end of my nighttime routine, I apply the Lip Mask generously on my smackers and after about 5 minutes I wash it off with warm water and then apply the Lip Balm. My lips feel so smooth and healthy even when I wake up the next morning. 
Pedicure Set 

The MaryKay Pedicure Set is your go to for a quick, easy and cheap pampering session. This set includes the Relaxing Foot Soak and Soothing Foot Balm and Pedicure Brush in a stylish travel bag. About once a week, or when I am needing a little pampering, I add the Relaxing Foot Soak to warm water and soak my tooties for about 15 minutes (or as long as P will let me!). Once they are nice and soft I use the Pedicure Brush to exfoliate. Afterwards, when I am in bed, I apply the Soothing Foot Balm. I love have soft smooth feet when I wake up in the morning! 
MaryKay Satin Hands Set
The Satin Hands Set includes the Satin Hands Hand Softener, Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub and Satin Hands Hand Cream. I love this product so much I even have a set in our guest bathroom for when friends and family visit. I use this product 1-2 times a week when ever my hands are feeling dry. I first massage a small amount of the Hand Softener into my hands. I then add about 2 pumps of the Smoothie Hand Scrub and massage that on my hands and fingers making sure not to miss a spot! After washing it off under warm water, I apply the Hand Cream. 
When I need an extra night of pampering, I use all of these products and feel like a million bucks, even if I am still in sweats and a t-shirt! Hubby also loves these products because they make my lips, hands and feet super soft! 
Now what you are all waiting for! Over the next few weeks I am going to be giving away each of these amazing products. Check back to find out how to enter to win! 

MaryKay Satin Hands Set: December 5th – December 19th


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