Month Five

Now at five months, Rob and I have gotten pretty good at these monthly photo shoots. The first one took us probably two house. Today we were start to finish in about 10 minutes. He gets his camera ready while I dress P. I set up the chair picture and while he is taking the shots I set up the turtle and laundry basket picture. While Rob is taking those, I go into the other room with the fouton and set up the chalk board and Bumbo shots. After the monthly recap shot, while Rob is taking the Bumbo pictures I erase the chalk board and stick the previous ties up. And while Rob is taking the final shot, I am already cleaning everything up!

Now, just because we are efficient, doesn’t mean we don’t have our share of bloopers. He is notorious for spitting up on his onesie during photo shoots. I couldn’t  let that happen this time because we didn’t have a second Thanksgiving onesie! 

He isn’t quite old enough to do tripod yet but we still wanted to try. Oh well, at least it made for a really cute action shot!

Now before I go into this months reflection, I need to take a little trip down memory lane. It is unbelievable how big my little Peanut has gotten. I didn’t realize how much until I made this collage! 

Ok, now for the juicy stuff! 
New Experiences
Our little Peanut is not so little anymore. He hit some pretty important milestones this month. In one short month, P has… 
… learned how to use the computer
… drive a car
… climb a jungle gym
Ok, so I maybe elaborating a little… Here are some milestones he really did hit!  
… found his feet

… tried oatmeal, peas, apple sauce, banana and prunes
… switched from hi Chicco Key Fit Carrier & Stroller to a big boy ____ and Joovy stroller
… sat in a shopping cart, supervised by Mommie of course
… started sitting in his highchair 
You do what ever it takes to get things done around the house :o) He doesn’t seem to mind at all! 
… transitioned to the Pack N Pack 
… learned how to do raspberries
Special Events
We moved from our town home to an adorable single family home that our family can grow into. It’s such a neat house (more pictures to come) with lots of open space, play room and a perfect backyard for a swing set! We are almost unpacked, just have to hang ALL of our pictures. Just in time to decorate for the holidays, which I simply cannot wait to do. This year calls for two Christmas trees (because of our massive amounts of ornaments), garland, lights and mistletoe.   

Super Storm Sandy hit us the day after we moved into the new house. We were suppose to move that day but luckily, the moving company was extremely flexible! We were very fortunate and didn’t even lose power, although the power flickered quite a bit and we slept in the hallway because of the wind. We know lots of people that spent the course of the storm without power, in shelters or out helping those in need. Even now, people are still displaced from their homes or trying to pick up the pieces from what Sandy left behind. 
Even though we had just moved in, we wanted to still celebrate Halloween! The house may have been in boxes but the Trick-Or-Treaters didn’t care when they saw this adorable cow at the door!  

It was fun to take P to the polls to vote on Election Day. I had to rack my brain a little but I am pretty sure this was my first time actually voting on Election Day. Up until now, I always did absentee ballot. I have to say, it is certainly more rewarding! They even gave P a “I voted” sticker!

We were not sure if we would make it to NJ for Thanksgiving until Wednesday because of Rob’s schedule. I am so happy it worked out! This was the first time Parker really got to meet his extended family, all 35+ of them. Bam and Auntie Sarah bought him this adorable outfit while they were at the Reading Outlets.

Visits & Trips
Last year we started the tradition of going to Lancaster. It was where I told my cousin and a few of my Aunts that I was pregnant. It was fun to go this year, just for the day, so they could meet him! I am sure it was a hoot to watch three generations of Mothers continue to fix P’s cloths so that he was warm and completely covered. I forgot a hat, bad Mommie, and my Grandmother found this John Deer one in one of the shops. It was a little too big so it kind of resembled a top hat! We had a great time and the day trip was just enough time to find some cute things for the house. Auntie Sarah and cousin Katie also got to wear him a little :o) 
Rob’s parents, Grandfather and Great Aunt came to visit us and see the new house P. 😉 We were so happy to see them and had so much fun catching up, looking through pictures and watching P in his bouncer! I was so excited to be able to take the 4 generations picture I had been wanting to take. I had another cute idea in mind but hadn’t unpacked my printer yet. Can’t wait to do it next time! 

I just had to share this action shot! 🙂

General Thoughts This Month

My dear Parker, I still can’t believe you are here and now a part of my every day life. What on earth did I do before you? What ever it was, it was insignificant. You bring me joy everyday and it is so much fun to watch you become aware of the world around you. You are growing more and more each day and now I just want time to stop! It is almost every day that I go into your closet and have to retire more outfits. I will admit part of that is because of your fluffy butt (aka cloth diapers for those of you who don’t know that term). Thank you for being such an amazingly patient, friendly, curious, lovie little boy. Your Dad and I may have a little to do with that, but it is mostly you! I am sad we have started the transition process to eventually get you in the crib, I can’t imagine you not sleeping next to me. I am happy though, that you are a healthy, growing, thriving little boy. One of my favorite things to do recently is just sit and listen to you wake up in the morning, babbling to your self, blowing raspberries and trying to roll over. Keep trying, you are so close! Today is Thanksgiving, very fitting for your 5 month “birthday” because although I am thankful for many things in my life, I am most thankful for you! <3


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