New Home, New Name, New Look

We’re moved into our new home!

                         Iv’e figured out a new blog name!

                                                A new blog look is coming soom!

I decided that designsBYmcm, while a great name for my Etsy store, didn’t really speak to me regarding my blog. In our new house, my art room is located in what you could call the attic. It’s a split level house and there are six stairs that lead up to the 4th floor which is one room. I really want the focus of this blog and my time to be on crafting and sharing step-by-step DIY instructions.  Changing the name was pretty easy and I decided to change all of my social media usernames while I was at it.

You can now find me:
on Twitter @mycraftingattic
on Pinterest @mycraftingattic
and on Facebook @mycraftingattic

The next step is creating a new look! I have some great ideas in mind and am looking forward to working with The Cutest Blog On The Block again to create a custom theme. 

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