New Series Announcement

This blog is in need of some major TLC! I guess things like having a baby and moving to a new house can really put a damper on craft time… The flip side, I have some awesome DIY projects in store for this house. My art room is about 85% done and should be finished while my family is in town this weekend visiting. Just in time for some holiday decoration crafts, DIYing our new home AND…. 

… starting a new series here called Wedding Wednesday. Yeah I know, real creative Mary… I remember how valuable it was to see other weddings to get ideas of what I wanted and what DIY projects I could do to make our wedding ours. 
So, next Wednesday I will begin this series and each week I will showcase a different wedding. I am looking to showcase wedding of all different themes, locations, budgets, DIY level and more! I am super excited about this series and I hope it can help inspiration some brides out there! 
Check back next week, I have an amazing wedding already lines up to showcase for you! 

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  1. Kiana Bates November 19, 2012 at 3:24 am

    Hey there!
    New follower 🙂 Sounds like some fun you’re cooking up!

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