Christmas Traditions #7 ~ Santa’s Autobiography

I pull this book out with the rest of my Christmas books every year always hoping that I will have a chance to read it. As I was looking through my stack of books to see how many more I would need to purchase for our 25 Christmas books tradition, I yet again found it. I looked inside to find a note from my Grandma Mary and Grandpa dated 2004. My Grandfather passed away several years ago and it made me a little sad that I never read it. This year, and every year forward, I plan to read a chapter a night starting in December. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that there are 24 chapters.

It’s going pretty well so far and am excited that I am finally reading it. Similar to the 25 Christmas books, since it will only come out once a year, I don’t anticipate getting bored with is for several years.

        Full Hands, Full Hearts
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